Thank You!

We’ve just finished our shows celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Daisychain Reaction. The tour took us from Champaign to New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Cincinnati and Columbus, and we just played two shows in Chicago, in one night, and we (and the audience) lived to tell about it.

The tour went better than our wildest dreams – honestly, we had no idea how much love and community there is out in the world. Music binds us together, makes us think, and can heal our divisions. We saw so many people from our past, and they look wiser and more beautiful than ever. We saw people reconnecting with old friends, people dancing, people telling us about their children, people telling their children about music, culture, politics, life.

If you saw us on this tour, you probably felt like we were having a blast on the stage, and you were right, we were. We were ecstatic to be playing again, and we are especially happy to see our new songs so well-received. We’ve already been in the studio with Steve Albini, recording new songs, and we’ll continue to work on a new record that should be released sometime in 2017. Rose is also working on a book of her tour reports, which should be ready in 2018.

Thank you to: Chris and Lotuspool, Windish Agency, Jimmie the Soundguy, Nicole, Anna and Steve, our moms and dads, our kids, Jon Fine, Band Biologist Tony Donuts, Anarchist in Residence Cristian F., Alex and Trenton, the pkids-listers who have been with us forever and the Pkids Legion of Photographers, and, of course, YOU!

The Future Looks Interesting

As you know, the future looks very “interesting.” We’re scared and we all have to be brave. We need vigilance and strict adherence to the truth in sharing and reporting news. As you know, we began our Radiozero podcast back in 1998, after a tour, because we wanted to continue the dialog between the band and the “citizens” we met along our tours – and we commit to continuing this voice now. As a band who experimented with digital and web technology when it first became available to “the people” we now feel a responsibility to continue this exploration. We have plenty of ideas and we hope you will join us in our endeavors to keep open channels, share knowledge and compassion and fight, if only to save the world.

Keep in touch on our FB page, listen to, and help us all fight the good fight.

Poster Children