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DateClubCityOther Bands
2009.11.17 University Galleries Normal, IL
2009.10.30 Bottom Lounge Chicago, IL with ifihadahifi and Droids Attack
2009.10.17 Crystal Corner Bar Madison, WI with Droids Attack, Helliphant
2009.10.16 Cactus Club Milwaukee, WI with ifihadahifi and White, Wrench, Conservatory
2009.05.24 The High Dive Champaign, IL with The Outnumbered, Lonely Trailer, Cowboy X
2007.10.07 Museum of Contemporary Art / Intonation Chicago, IL Califone, Flosstradamus/Cool Kids, 1900s, The Eternals, Headache City
2007.09.06 Krannert Art Museum / Link Gallery Champaign, IL Headlights, Oh Astro
2007.08.12 Great Performers of Illinois - Millennium Park Chicago, IL Coat, Joshua Abrams, Lanterna, Darin Gray, Billy Dolan, Occidental Brothers
2006.01.28 Cowboy Monkey - Great Cover Up 15 Champaign, IL We'll be playing another band's music.
2004.10.15 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL Headlights, The Idle Hours
2004.10.08 Caffe Paradiso Urbana, IL Greedy Loves
2004.05.01 Poster Children @ University of Illinois BandJam Urbana, IL Lots o' great local bands
2004.04.30 Salaryman @ University of Illinois- Siebel Center Urbana, IL This is a Salaryman show!
2004.03.06 Cowboy Monkey Champaign, IL
2004.02.21 The Rathskellar in the Union Madison, WI Triple Whip, The Box Social
2004.02.07 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL Terminus Victor, Triple Whip
2002.10.05 Phyllis's Musical Inn Chicago, IL Ruth Buzzy
2002.10.02 The HighDive Champaign, IL
2002.08.14 Gypsy Tea Room Dallas, TX the Breeders and Imperial Teen
2002.08.13 La Zona Rosa Austin, TX the Breeders and Imperial Teen
2002.08.12 Numbers Houston, TX the Breeders and Imperial Teen
2002.07.25 Abbey Pub Chicago, IL Frisbie, The Churchills, Lackloves.
2002.07.17 Omaha, NE
2002.07.16 Ogden Theatre Denver, CO The Breeders, Imperial Teen
2002.07.13 Crystal Ballroom Portland, OR The Breeders
2002.07.12 The Showbox Seattle, WA The Breeders, The Bangs
2002.07.12 Showbox Seattle, WA The Breeders
2002.07.11 The Fillmore San Francisco, CA The Breeders, Imperial Teen
2002.07.10 Club Voodoo Reno, NV Big In Japan
2002.07.08 El Rey Theatre Los Angeles, CA The Breeders, Imperial Teen
2002.07.07 El Rey Theatre Los Angeles, CA The Breeders, Imperial Teen
2002.07.06 Kennedy's Santa Barbara, CA Karmacanic
2002.07.05 4th & B San Diego, CA The Breeders; Rochelle, Rochelle
2002.07.04 Nita's Hideaway Tempe, AZ
2002.06.08 Cabaret Metro Chicago, IL Dianogah, Centaur
2002.06.07 Magic Stick Detroit, MI
2002.03.09 The Warehouse La Crosse, WI
2002.03.02 Duffy's Lincoln, NE
2002.03.01 The Reverb Cedar Falls, IA
2001.12.06 The High Dive Champaign, IL The Hit Commission
2001.11.17 Channing-Murray Foundation Urbana, IL Everybody Uh Oh, The Panda Squad, Busytoby
2000.09.24 Metro Chicago, IL Kelly 18, Rectangle
2000.05.25 Creepy Crawl St. Louis, MO maybe 2001?
2000.05.06 Launch Pad Albuquerque, NM
2000.05.04 Spaceland Los Angeles, CA Other Star People, Third Grade Teacher
2000.04.29 WOW Hall Eugene, OR
2000.04.21 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL
2000.03.23 Sapphire Supper Club Orlando, FL
2000.03.16 SXSW Austin, TX John Doe Thing, Apples in Stereo, Fastbacks
2000.02.14 Champaign, IL Salaryman?
1999.07.31 Fireside Bowl Chicago, IL Feaze
1999.07.30 The Warehouse La Crosse, WI The Benjamins, PermaGrin
1999.05.29 Rudyard's British Pub Houston, TX
1999.05.28 Reverb Lounge San Antonio, TX
1999.05.27 Rubber Gloves Denton, TX
1999.05.26 Stubb's Austin, TX
1999.05.24 Fox Theater Boulder, CO
1999.05.22 Club Congress Tucson , AZ
1999.05.21 Troubadour Los Angeles, CA Miss Spiritual Tramp of 1948, Jimmy Girl
1999.05.20 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA MK Ultra
1999.05.19 Planet 9 Reno, NV Crush Story
1999.05.17 WOW Hall Eugene, OR Death Ray
1999.05.15 Satyricon Portland, OR Richmond Fontaine
1999.05.14 The Breakroom Seattle, WA
1999.05.13 Neurolux Boise, ID
1999.05.12 Cowboy Bar Missoula, MT HPLP
1999.05.09 Knickerbockers Lincoln, NB Mercy Rule
1999.05.08 Back Alley Sioux Falls, SD Brown Pants Club, Billy
1999.05.07 Seventh Street Entry Minneapolis, MN Mercy Rule
1999.05.06 Gabe's Oasis Iowa City, IA Mercy Rule
1999.05.05 O'Cayz Madison, WI Skintones, Rectangle
1999.05.01 Blue Note Columbia, MO The Urge
1999.05.01 University of Kansas Lawrence, KS Day on the Hill festival
1999.04.30 Bottleneck Lawrence, KS House of Large Sizes
1999.04.28 hi-pointe St. Louis, MO
1999.04.27 Mercury Paw Louisville, KY
1999.04.26 ? Columbus, OH
1999.04.24 Exit/In Nashville, TN
1999.04.23 Rocking Horse Birmingham, AL Plate 6
1999.04.22 Pussycat Lafayette, LA Slow Bot, Rare Avis
1999.04.21 The Bayou Baton Rouge, LA Girl Scout Heroin
1999.04.20 Sluggo's Pensacola, FL
1999.04.19 Cow Haus Tallahasse, FL Grand Pricks, Flanders
1999.04.18 Sapphire Supper Club Orlando, FL
1999.04.17 Covered Dish Gainesville, FL Dirty Poodle
1999.04.16 Jack Rabbits Jacksonville, FL
1999.04.15 Echo Lounge Atlanta, GA
1999.04.14 New Brookland Tavern Columbia, SC
1999.04.13 Vincent's Ear Asheville, NC Lube Royale
1999.04.12 East End Cafe Newark, DE
1999.04.11 Ottobar Baltimore, MD
1999.04.10 Pontiac Grille Philadelphia, PA
1999.04.09 Coney Island High New York, NY
1999.04.08 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ
1999.04.07 T.A.Z. New London, CT
1999.04.06 Middle East Cambridge, MA
1999.04.05 ? Albany, NY
1999.04.03 Grog Shop Cleveland, OH
1999.04.02 Magic Stick Detroit, MI
1999.04.01 Sub-Culture Grand Rapids, MI Super Wow, The Ivy Crown
1999.03.20 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL Water Between Continents, Pop Machine
1999.03.06 Mabel's Champaign, IL
1999.03.05 ? Rockford, IL
1998.11.15 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN Fugazi, Brick Layer Cake
1998.11.14 University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, WI Fugazi, Planet Vinyl
1998.11.07 Knitting Factory New York, NY Salaryman show with Tuscadero, Cakelike
1998.11.06 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY Jack Drag, Built to Spill
1998.11.05 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ Salaryman show with The Minders, Bis
1998.11.03 Second Story Bloomington, IN
1998.11.02 Sudsy Malone's Cincinnati, OH Bullets to Heaven
1998.04.30 Northern Illinois University De Kalb, IL
1997.11.26 Double Door Chicago, IL Wolfie, Trocar
1997.11.06 Blind Pig Champaign, IL Salaryman show with Tsunami
1997.10.25 Sudsy Malone's Cincinnati, OH Elk, Ditchweed
1997.10.24 Union Athens, OH
1997.10.23 Shelter Detroit, MI Skeleton Key
1997.10.22 Grog Shop Cleveland, OH Skeleton Key
1997.10.21 Trocadero Philadelphia, PA Salaryman show with Cresta
1997.10.20 Brownies New York, NY Salaryman show with Scornful Horns, Rob Lowe, Hope Union
1997.10.19 Middle East Cambridge, MA
1997.10.18 Terrace Club Princeton, NJ Salaryman opened
1997.10.17 Knitting Factory New York, NY Squatweiler, Sweet Diesel
1997.10.16 Trocadero Philadelphia, PA
1997.10.15 Black Cat Washington, DC Payback, Tsunami
1997.10.13 Lizard & Snake Chapel Hill, NC Salaryman show
1997.10.11 The Elbow Room Columbia, SC
1997.10.10 The Point Atlanta, GA Entropy
1997.10.09 Moto Lounge Jacksonville, FL
1997.10.08 The Covered Dish Gainesville, FL Mower, Swingin' Neckbreakers
1997.10.07 Florida State University Tallahassee, FL
1997.10.06 Sluggo's Pensacola, FL
1997.10.05 Buck Nutty's Skate Ranch Lafayette, LA Urbo Sleeks
1997.10.04 The Bayou Baton Rouge, LA
1997.10.03 Waterloo Records Austin, TX Salaryman Instore
1997.10.03 Electric Lounge Austin, TX
1997.10.02 Galaxy Dallas, TX
1997.09.30 Fox Theater Boulder, CO The Reejers
1997.09.28 Launch Pad Albuquerque, NM
1997.09.27 Hollywood Alley Mesa, AZ
1997.09.26 Spaceland Los Angeles, CA
1997.09.25 Casbah San Diego, CA Sound of Speeding
1997.09.24 No Life Los Angeles, CA Salaryman Instore
1997.09.24 Cal State Fullerton, CA
1997.09.23 Spaceland Los Angeles, CA Salaryman show with Radar Bros., Shallow, Spectrum
1997.09.22 Paradise San Francisco, CA
1997.09.21 WOW Hall Eugene, OR Red Star Theory, Modest Mouse
1997.09.21 Music Millenium Portland, OR Salaryman Instore
1997.09.20 Showbox Seattle, WA Salaryman show
1997.09.19 Satyricon Portland, OR Svelt, Swingin' Neckbreakers
1997.09.18 Crocodile Cafe Seattle, WA
1997.09.17 Jay's Upstairs Bar Missoula, MT
1997.09.15 First Avenue Cabaret Fargo, ND
1997.09.14 Seventh Street Entry Minneapolis, MN Juno, Swingin' Neckbreakers
1997.09.13 Illinois Wesleyan Bloomington, IL Shiner, Castor, Sarge
1997.09.12 O'Cayz Corral Madison, WI Space Bike, Pound Wisconsin
1997.09.11 Warehouse La Crosse, WI
1997.09.10 Club Soda Kalamazoo, MI
1997.09.08 Bohager's Baltimore, MD Salaryman show with Luna
1997.09.06 930 Club Washington, DC Salaryman show with Luna
1997.09.04 Middle East Cambridge, MA Salaryman show with Spectrum, Silver Apples
1997.09.03 Knitting Factory New York, NY Salaryman show with Cornershop, Dan the Automator
1997.07.26 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL
1997.07.25 Canal Street Tavern Dayton, OH
1997.07.24 Butchertown Pub Louisville, KY Cherub, Nashville Pussy
1997.07.23 Blind Pig Ann Arbor, MI Aurora, Number One Cup
1997.07.19 Brownies New York, NY Salaryman show
1997.07.18 Upstairs at Nick's Philadelphia, PA Salaryman show with Carter USM
1997.07.16 Tramps New York, NY Swervedriver
1997.07.14 Club Soda Kalamazoo, MI Salaryman show with Walt Mink
1997.07.12 Art Center Fond du Lac, WI
1997.07.11 Steb's Cedar Falls, IA
1997.06.21 Gabe's Oasis Iowa City, IA
1997.06.19 Fox Theater Boulder, CO
1997.06.17 Neurolux Boise, ID
1997.06.15 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA Ready Made, Engine 88
1997.06.14 Melarkey's Sacramento, CA
1997.06.13 Juanita's Chico, CA
1997.06.12 Spaceland Silverlake, CA Foregasm, Extra Fancy, Wank
1997.06.10 Casbah San Diego, CA Sound of Speeding
1997.06.09 Whisky A Go Go Los Angeles, CA Failure, Drill Team
1997.06.06 Electric Ballroom Phoenix, AZ Failure, Summercamp
1997.06.05 Dingo Bar Albuquerque, NM
1997.06.03 Galaxy Dallas, TX Failure, Summercamp
1997.06.02 Electric Lounge Austin, TX Failure, Summercamp
1997.06.01 Urban Art Bar Houston, TX Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.31 Howling Wolf New Orleans, LA Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.30 Cotton Club Atlanta, GA Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.29 Cat's Cradle Chapel Hill, NC Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.28 930 Club Washington, DC Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.27 Fletcher's Baltimore, MD Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.26 Middle East Cambridge, MA Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.25 Living Room Providence, RI Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.24 The Saint Asbury Park, NJ Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.23 Upstairs at Nick's Philadelphia, PA Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.22 Dartmouth College Hanover, NH
1997.05.21 Knitting Factory New York, NY Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.20 Valentine's Albany, NY Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.18 Peabody's Down Under Cleveland, OH Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.17 Shelter Detroit, MI Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.16 Reverb Toronto, ONT Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.15 RAGE Buffalo, NY Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.14 Newport Music Hall Columbus, OH Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.12 Intersection Grand Rapids, MI Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.11 Top Cats Cincinnati, OH Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.10 Metro Chicago, IL Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.09 Galaxy St. Louis, MO Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.08 Club Downunder Columbia, MO
1997.05.07 Seventh Street Entry Minneapolis, MN Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.06 Ranch Bowl Omaha, NB Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.05 Bottleneck Lawrence, KS Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.03 Bluebird Theater Denver, CO Failure, Summercamp
1997.05.02 Bar & Grill Salt Lake City, UT Failure, Summercamp
1997.04.30 E. J.'s Portland, OR Summercamp
1997.04.29 Town Pump Vancouver, BC Failure, Summercamp
1997.04.28 Rock Candy Seattle, WA Failure, Summercamp
1997.04.25 University of Iowa Iowa City, IA Run-DMC
1997.04.24 Mabel's Champaign, IL
1997.03.20 Patio Indianapolis, IN The Cows
1997.03.19 Hi-Pointe St. Louis, MO Inch, The Cows
1997.03.17 J. R.'s Light Bulb Club Fayetteville, AR Skeleton Key, The Cows
1997.03.15 Electric Lounge / SXSW Austin, TX Lutefisk, Rockets from Mars, Orbit
1997.03.01 The Warehouse La Crosse, WI
1997.02.28 University of Wisconsin Madison, WI Salaryman opened
1997.02.27 Concert Cafe Green Bay, WI Compound Red
1996.10.19 Double Door Chicago, IL Salaryman show with DJ Spooky and ROME
1996.10.18 Second Story Bloomington, IN
1996.09.28 University of Illinois Champaign, IL
1996.09.27 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL
1996.09.26 Canal Street Tavern Dayton, OH
1996.09.25 Euclid Tavern Cleveland, OH
1996.09.24 Butchertown Pub Louisville, KY
1996.09.21 Steb's Cedar Falls, IA
1996.09.20 Maintenance Shop Ames, IA
1996.09.14 Club Soda Kalamazoo, MI
1996.09.13 Sudsy Malone's Cincinnati, OH
1996.09.12 Union Athens, OH
1996.09.05 Washington University St. Louis, MO
1996.09.04 Cicero's St. Louis, MO Fastball
1996.07.04 Terrace- University of Wisconsin Madison, WI
1996.06.10 Black Cat Washington, DC The Cows, Starfish
1996.06.09 Memory Lane Baltimore, MD The Cows, Starfish
1996.06.08 CBGB New York, NY The Cows, Starfish, Tucker
1996.06.07 Middle East Cambridge, MA The Cows, Ultra Bide, The Cows
1996.06.06 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ The Cows, Starfish
1996.06.05 Stache's Columbus, OH The Cows
1996.05.09 Nottingham Coop Madison, WI
1996.05.04 University of Kansas Lawrence, KS Day on the Hill
1996.04.27 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL Luckyj, Shiner
1996.04.27 WNUR 89.3 FM (Evanston-Chicago) Radio show Evanston, IL
1996.04.20 Grand Valley State University Allendale, MI Marsuki, Recyclable Youth, Walley, Cibo Matto
1996.04.19 University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, IN Hummer, Asay Frio
1996.04.18 Mabel's Champaign, IL
1996.04.17 Beloit College Beloit, WI #1 Cup, House of Large Sizes, Versus, Seam
1996.04.02 ? London, UK Steel Pole Bathtub
1996.03.31 Vera Groningen, NL Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.30 Arena Amsterdam, NL Steel Pole Bathtub
1996.03.29 Les Tontons Flingeurs Parsi, FR Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.28 Le Comfort Moderne Poitiers, FR Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.27 Democrazy Gent, BEL Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.26 Underground Koln, GER Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.25 Zentrum Altenburg Oberhausen, GER Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.24 Knaack Berlin, GER Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.23 Star Club Dresden, GER Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.21 Subway karlsruhe, GER Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.20 Club Y / Martin Ulm, GER Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.19 Komm Nurnberg Nuremburg, GER Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.16 Kapu Linz, AUS Steel Pole Bathtub
1996.03.15 Cselley Muhle Oslip, AUS Steel Pole Bathtub
1996.03.14 Orpheum Graz, AUS Steel Pole Bathtub
1996.03.13 Muffathalle Munich, GER Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.12 Noise Art Verona, IT Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.11 Mafia Reggio Emilia, IT Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.10 Reitschule Bern, CH Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.09 Rote Fabrik Zurich, CH Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.08 COX18 - Conchetta Milan, IT Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.07 Bad Bonn Dudigen, CH Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.06 Marx/Markthalle Hamburg, GER Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.05 Rust Kopenhagen Kopenhagen, DK Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.04 Waschhaus Potsdam, GER Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.02 Wehrschloss Bremen, GER Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.03.01 Forum Enger Enger, GER Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.02.29 Basement/Nighttown Rotterdam, NL Steel Pole Bathtub
1996.02.28 Garage London, UK Steel Pole Bathtub
1996.02.27 Guinans Liverpool, UK Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.02.26 Music Box Edinburgh, UK Steel Pole Bathtub
1996.02.25 The Narrowboat Nottingham, UK Steel Pole Bathtub
1996.02.24 The Charlotte Leicester, UK Steel Pole Bathtub, Surrogat
1996.02.17 Michigan Technical University Houghton, MI Scram
1996.02.16 St. Olaf College Northfield, MN
1996.02.15 Iowa State University Ames, IA
1995.11.19 VZD Oklahoma City, OK Archers of Loaf, Orbit
1995.11.18 The Argot Denton, TX Archers of Loaf, Orbit, The Odd Fellows
1995.11.17 Taco Land San Antonio, TX Archers of Loaf, Cordial
1995.11.15 Nile Theater Mesa, AZ Archers of Loaf, Trunk Federation
1995.11.14 UCLA Los Angeles, CA The Softies
1995.11.13 Troubadour Los Angeles, CA Archers of Loaf, Plexi
1995.11.11 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA Archers of Loaf, Plexi
1995.11.10 California State University Chico, CA Archers of Loaf
1995.11.09 Satyricon Portland, OR Archers of Loaf, Plexi
1995.11.08 Crocodile Cafe Seattle, WA Archers of Loaf, Plexi
1995.11.07 Neurolux Boise, ID
1995.11.06 Filling Station Bozeman, MT Archers of Loaf
1995.11.04 Seventh Street Entry Minneapolis, MN Archers of Loaf
1995.11.03 Fireside Bowl Chicago, IL Apocalypse Hoboken, MU330
1995.10.24 616 Club Memphis, TN Sponge, Mike Watt
1995.10.23 Cain's Ballroom Tulsa, OK Sponge
1995.10.22 Diamond Ballroom Oklahoma City, OK Sponge
1995.10.21 Texas A&M College Station, TX Sponge
1995.10.20 The Depot Lubbock, TX Sponge
1995.10.19 Club 101 El Paso, TX Sponge
1995.10.16 University of California Santa Barbara, CA Sponge
1995.10.14 University of Arizona Tucson, AZ Sponge
1995.10.13 University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM Sponge
1995.10.12 Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO Sponge
1995.10.10 University of Iowa Iowa City, IA Sponge
1995.10.09 Blue Note Columbia, MO Sponge
1995.10.08 Southwestern Missouri State University St. Louis, MO Big Block, Sponge
1995.10.07 The Cog Factory Omaha, NB Mercy Rule, Battallion of Saints, Big Block 454
1995.10.06 Liberty Hall Lawrence, KS Sponge
1995.10.05 Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL Sponge
1995.10.04 Indiana University Bloomington, IN Sponge
1995.10.03 Northern Illinois University DeKalb, IL Sponge
1995.10.02 Newport Music Hall Columbus, OH Sponge
1995.10.01 Kent State University Kent, OH Sponge
1995.09.23 New Daisy Theater Memphis, TN Dambuilders, Better than Ezra
1995.09.22 328 Performance Hall Nashville, TN Dambuilders, Better than Ezra
1995.09.16 Alpha Kappa Lambda Champaign, IL Braid
1995.09.15 Washington University Quad St. Louis, MO Guided By Voices, Man Or Astroman
1995.09.13 Capitol Ballroom Washington, DC Dambuilders, Better Than Ezra
1995.09.12 Trocadero Philadelphia, PA Dambuilders, Better than Ezra
1995.09.10 Brownie's New York City, NY Brainiac, The Smoothies, The Dentists
1995.09.09 Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel Providence, RI Dambuilders, Better Than Ezra
1995.09.08 Paradise Boston, MA Dambuilders, Better Than Ezra
1995.09.07 Toad's Place New Haven, CT Dambuilders, Better Than Ezra
1995.09.06 The Academy New York City, NY Dambuilders, Better Than Ezra
1995.08.13 Northalsted Market Days Festival Chicago, IL Mean Reds, Better than Ezra, Big Audio Dynamite
1995.07.22 Canal Street Tavern Dayton, OH Tammy and The Amps
1995.07.15 ? Memphis, TN
1995.07.14 The Mercury Theatre Knoxville, TN
1995.07.13 Sudsy's Cincinatti, OH
1995.07.12 ? Indianapolis, IN Lollapalooza
1995.07.11 Riverfront Amphitheater St. Louis, MO Lollapalooza
1995.07.10 ? Kansas City, KS Lollapalooza
1995.07.08 ? Denver, CO Lollapalooza
1995.07.05 University of British Columbia (Lollapalooza) Vancouver, BC Sonic Youth, Beck, Hole, Pavement, Jesus Lizard, Yo La Tengo, Coolio
1995.07.04 The Gorge (Lollapalooza) George, WA Sonic Youth, Beck, Hole, Pavement, Jesus Lizard, Yo La Tengo, Coolio
1995.07.03 Lollapalooza Rehearsal George, WA
1995.06.30 Terrace Madison, WI Mercy Rule
1995.06.26 make video for He's My Star Boston, MA video shoot 6/26 - 6/28
1995.06.24 Second Avenue Foundry Des Moines, IA Verna Flora
1995.06.23 Blue Note Columbia, MO Frog Pond, Blue Up
1995.06.22 Bottleneck Lawrence, KS
1995.06.21 Steb's Cedar Falls, IA
1995.06.20 The Compound Green Bay, WI Brainiac
1995.06.17 NXNE Toronto, ONT
1995.06.16 Call the Office London, ONT Hardship Post
1995.06.15 The Hideaway St. Catherine, CAN Hardship Post
1995.06.14 Volcano Kitchener, CAN Hardship Post
1995.06.13 X Club Hamilton, ONT Hardship Post
1995.06.11 Muldoon's Music Hall Kingston, ONT Hardship Post
1995.06.10 Spo-Dee-O-Dee's Ottawa, CAN Hardship Post
1995.06.09 Center Beaudry Montreal, QUE Hardship Post
1995.06.08 Underground Bar Quebec City, QUE not enough power for amps; couldn't finish the show
1995.06.06 Zoots Portland, ME rose got food poisoning and couldn't finish the show
1995.06.04 Center for the Arts Northampton, MA The Unband
1995.06.03 7 Willow Street Port Chester, NY (yes, two shows in one day)
1995.06.03 Secret Sounds (in-store) Bridgeport, CT
1995.06.02 Mama Kin Boston, MA The Grifters, The Flying Nuns
1995.06.01 Moondance Club Danbury, CT
1995.05.30 TK Wendl's - WPGU PlanetFest Champaign, IL Wax, Hum, Shudder To Think, Caufields
1995.05.20 WENZ Birthday Bash Cleveland, OH Faith No More, Steel Pole Bath Tub
1995.05.19 Metro Chicago, IL The Figgs
1995.05.18 Second Story Bloomington, IN Sardina
1995.05.17 Exit/In Nashville, TN
1995.05.16 Cicero's St. Louis, MO Menthol (The Flooded Basement Show!)
1995.05.15 Club Soda Kalamazoo, MI The Figgs, Twitch
1995.05.13 Brewery Louisville, KY Matthew Sweet
1995.05.12 Majestic Theatre Detroit, MI Matthew Sweet
1995.05.11 Opera House Toronto, CAN Matthew Sweet
1995.05.10 Agora Theatre Cleveland, OH Matthew Sweet
1995.05.09 Union Athens, OH
1995.05.08 Vogue Theater Indianapolis, IN Matthew Sweet
1995.05.06 Middlebury College Middlebury, VT This outdoor show was very, very cold!
1995.05.05 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ Small Factory
1995.05.04 CBGB New York City, NY Crowsdell, Halcion, Ultra Bide, Ditch Croaker
1995.05.03 Avalon - WFNX Festival Boston, MA Sebadoh, Tracy Bonham
1995.05.01 Black Cat Washington, DC Tuscadero, Crowsdell
1995.04.30 Lizard and Snake Chapel Hill, NC Crowsdell
1995.04.29 Warren Wilson College Asheville, NC
1995.04.28 40 Watt Club Athens, GA Crowsdell, The Twigs
1995.04.27 Midtown Music Hall Atlanta, GA Joybang, Crowsdell
1995.04.26 Einstein A-Go-Go Jacksonville Beach, FL Crowsdell
1995.04.25 Sapphire Supper Club Orlando, FL Fireworks, Crowsdell
1995.04.24 Sluggo's Pensacola, FL Crowsdell
1995.04.23 Metropolis Lafayette, LA
1995.04.22 Urban Art Bar Houston, TX Unwound
1995.04.21 Emo's Austin, TX Starfish
1995.04.20 Trees Dallas, TX
1995.04.19 Cafe 66 Norman, OK Day of the OK City Bombing
1995.04.18 Fox Theater Boulder, CO 57 Lesbian
1995.04.16 Dingo Bar Albuquerque, NM
1995.04.15 Downtown Performance Center Tucson, AZ
1995.04.14 Nile Theater Mesa, AZ
1995.04.13 Spaceland Los Angeles, CA Fluorescein, Magpie
1995.04.12 Troubadour Los Angeles, CA Aminiature, Lutefisk
1995.04.10 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA Three Mile Pilot, Engine
1995.04.08 Starfish Room Vancouver, BC Tsunami, Zumpano
1995.04.07 Crocodile Cafe Seattle, WA Zumpano
1995.04.06 La Luna Portland, OR Tsunami, Zumpano, Clawhammer
1995.04.05 Neurolux Boise, ID Goodie Black and the Country Band
1995.04.04 Filling Station Bozeman, MT
1995.04.03 Atomic Cafe Rapid City, SD
1995.04.02 Seventh Street Entry Minneapolis, MN Dwindle, King Can, Balloon Guy
1995.04.01 Gabe's Oasis Iowa City, IA Local H
1995.03.31 University of Wisconsin Madison, WI Twice the Wood
1995.03.30 Marquette University Milwaukee, WI
1995.03.26 Paris, FRANCE Love Tool
1995.03.23 Dolce Vita Lausanne, SWITZ
1995.03.21 Muffathalle M?nchen, GER
1995.03.20 Nachtleben Frankfurt, GER
1995.03.17 Knaack Berlin, GER
1995.03.16 Fabrik Hamburg, GER
1995.03.13 Underground K?ln, GER
1995.03.02 Beloit College Beloit, WI Ether Bunny
1995.02.25 Courtyard Cafe - University of Illinois Champaign, IL Captain Jazz, C-Clamp
1995.02.17 State Palace Theatre New Orleans, LA Belly, Goo Goo Dolls, Fossil
1995.01.28 Boyne Mountain Boyne, MI Mustard Plug
1994.12.09 Metro Chicago, IL Goober and the Peas
1994.12.08 Blue Note Columbia, MO Soul Coughing, Girls Against Boys
1994.12.07 Bottleneck Lawrence, KS Soul Coughing, Girls Against Boys
1994.11.19 Cicero's St. Louis, MO
1994.11.18 Second Story Bloomington, IN Steakdaddy Six
1994.11.17 Sudsy Malone's Cincinnati, OH Sistern, Steakdaddy Six
1994.11.16 Reptile House Grand Rapids, MI Steakdaddy Six
1994.11.15 Club Hell Detroit, MI Steakdaddy Six, Molly McGuire
1994.11.14 Euclid Tavern Cleveland, OH Dimbulb, Steakdaddy Six
1994.11.12 Middle East Cambridge, MA Steakdaddy Six, Walt Mink, Bondo Vega
1994.11.11 CBGB New York City, NY Solution AD, Steakdaddy Six, Kill Creek, Walt Mink
1994.11.10 Longwood College Farmville, VA He-Goat, Steakdaddy Six
1994.11.09 Black Cat Washington DC, DC Bouncing Souls, 7 Seconds
1994.11.08 Cat's Cradle Carrboro, NC Steakdaddy Six, Raymond Brake
1994.11.07 Midtown Music Hall Atlanta, GA Steakdaddy Six
1994.11.06 Club Downunder Tallahassee, FL Steakdaddy Six
1994.11.05 Metropolis Lafayette, LA Jawbox, Pegboy
1994.11.04 Urban Art Bar Houston, TX Jawbox
1994.11.03 Trees Dallas, TX Jawbox, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
1994.11.02 Emo's Austin, TX Jawbox, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
1994.10.31 Dingo Bar Albuquerque, NM
1994.10.29 Hollywood Alley Mesa, AZ Love Cup, Trunk Federation
1994.10.28 The Troubadour Los Angeles, CA Dambuilders, Silkworm, Love Cup
1994.10.27 Cal State University Fullerton, CA
1994.10.27 Casbah San Diego, CA Silkworm, Dambuilders
1994.10.25 Slim's San Francisco, CA Demolition Doll Rods, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
1994.10.23 John Henry's Eugene, OR Small 23, Love Cup
1994.10.22 Crocodile Cafe Seattle, WA Love Cup, Alcohol Funnycar
1994.10.21 Satyricon Portland, OR Kpants, Love Cup, Skip Loader
1994.10.19 Elks Lodge Missoula, MT Spurge, Love Cup
1994.10.17 Duffy's Lincoln, NE Love Cup
1994.10.16 Seventh Street Entry Minneapolis, MN Heatmiser, Love Cup, Polara
1994.10.15 Seventh Street Entry Minneapolis, MN Period, Love Cup, Polara
1994.10.14 Gabe's Oasis Iowa City, IA Love Cup, Heat Miser
1994.10.13 Club de Wash Madison, WI Love Cup
1994.10.08 Mabel's Champaign, IL
1994.09.24 Brownie's New York City, NY
1994.09.23 CBGBs New York City, NY
1994.09.22 Lehigh University Bethlehem, PA Plow, Grieving Eucalyptus, Five-Ten
1994.09.21 Sudsy Malone's Cincinnati, OH Mr. Universe, Mule
1994.09.20 Louisville Gardens Theater Louisville, KY Mule, Girls Against Boys, Jesus Lizard
1994.06.03 Terrace - University of Wisconsin Madison, WI Sidereal
1994.05.05 R & R Station Madison, WI Urge Overkill
1994.04.18 Mabel's Champaign, IL Opened for Hum under the name Junior Citizen to practice new songs before recording
1994.03.11 Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel Providence, RI St. Johnny, Buffalo Tom
1994.03.10 Trocadero Philadelphia, PA St. Johnny, Buffalo Tom
1994.03.09 Irving Plaza New York, NY St. Johnny, Buffalo Tom
1994.03.08 930 Club Washington, DC St. Johnny, Buffalo Tom
1994.03.07 Stache's Columbus, OH Granny's Hole, Royal Crescent Mob
1994.01.30 Bottleneck Lawrence, KS From, Zoom
1994.01.29 Iowa State University Ames, IA Village Idiot, Grain
1994.01.28 Blue Note Columbia, MO Mercy Rule, Marlee
1994.01.27 The Gargoyle- Washington University St. Louis, MO
1993.12.18 Main Bar Dallas, TX No Good Boyo, Brutal Juice
1993.12.17 Shimmy Shack Houston, TX
1993.12.16 Emo's Austin, TX
1993.12.14 Dingo Bar Albuquerque, NM Flake
1993.12.13 Downtown Performance Center Tucson, AZ The Fells
1993.12.12 Hollywood Alley Mesa, AZ Half String, Idaho
1993.12.11 Jabberjaw Los Angeles, CA Further, The Spinanes
1993.12.10 Casbah San Diego, CA The Spinanes, Chune
1993.12.09 Raji's Hollywood, CA The Spinanes
1993.12.08 Berkeley Square Berkeley, CA The Spinanes
1993.12.07 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA The Spinanes
1993.12.05 John Henry's Eugene, OR The Spinanes
1993.12.04 Satyricon Portland, OR Satan's Pilgrims, The Spinanes
1993.12.03 Crocodile Cafe Seattle, WA The Spinanes
1993.12.02 Starfish Room Vancouver, BC The Spinanes
1993.11.29 Seventh Street Entry Minneapolis, MN Baloon Guy, Superchunk
1993.11.28 Seventh Street Entry Minneapolis, MN Puck, Superchunk
1993.11.27 Metro Chicago, IL Mercy Rule
1993.11.12 Reptile House Grand Rapids, MI
1993.11.11 Oberlin College Oberlin, OH
1993.11.10 Khyber Pass Philadelphia, PA Six Finger Satellite
1993.11.09 930 Club Washington, DC
1993.11.07 Bay State Hotel Northampton, MA Red Red Meat, Eric's Trip
1993.11.06 Terrace Princeton, NJ Jacob's Mouse, Mercy Rule
1993.11.05 Middle East Cambridge, MA Hardship Post, Six Finger Satellite
1993.11.04 Lehigh University Bethlehem, PA Six Finger Satellite
1993.11.03 Irving Plaza New York, NY Brainiac, Girls vs. Boys, Jawbox
1993.11.02 SUNY Buffalo Buffalo, NY Small, Six Finger Satellite
1993.11.01 Euclid Tavern Cleveland, OH Slug, Six Finger Satellite
1993.10.25 Club Soda Kalamazoo, MI Love Cup
1993.10.22 Mabel's Champaign, IL
1993.10.16 Second Story Bloomington, IN
1993.10.15 Sudsy Malone's Cincinnati, OH
1993.10.09 The Brewery Louisville, KY
1993.09.26 Duffy's Tavern Lincoln, NB
1993.09.25 Grinnell College Grinnell, IA Seam
1993.09.24 Gabe's Oasis Iowa City, IA
1993.09.23 Club De Wash Madison, WI Dis, Hazel
1993.09.02 Friends & Company Charleston, IL
1993.09.01 Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL Steakdaddy Six
1993.08.29 Cicero's St. Louis, MO
1993.08.28 Memorial Hall Kansas City, MO Fugazi, Tenderloin
1993.08.27 Blue Note Columbia, MO Fugazi, Prozac Memory
1993.08.26 The Underground Springfield, IL Judge Nothing, Busker Soundcheck
1993.08.21 State Theater Detroit, MI Goober and the Peas, Moist
1993.05.29 Emo's Houston, TX Seam, The Fluid
1993.05.28 Emo's Austin, TX Seam, The Fluid
1993.05.27 Club Clearview Dallas, TX The Fluid
1993.05.25 Downtown Performance Center Tucson, AZ The Fluid
1993.05.24 Hollywood Alley Tempe, AZ
1993.05.23 Bogart's Long Beach, CA The Fluid, Seam
1993.05.22 Dream Street San Diego, CA The Fluid
1993.05.21 University of California, Irvine Irvine, CA
1993.05.20 Roxy Theater Los Angeles, CA The Fluid
1993.05.19 Club FX San Jose, CA The Fluid
1993.05.18 Berkeley Square Berkeley, CA The Fluid
1993.05.17 Kennel Club San Francisco, CA The Fluid
1993.05.15 Town Pump Vancouver, BC Chrome Dog, The Fluid
1993.05.14 ? Seattle, WA
1993.05.13 La Luna Portland, OR The Fluid
1993.05.10 Seventh Street Entry Minneapolis, MN Sloan, Pond
1993.05.09 Barrymore Theater Madison, WI Screaming Trees, Pond
1993.05.08 Northwestern University Evanston, IL Screaming Trees, Pond
1993.05.07 Sudsy Malone's Cincinnati, OH Frampton Brothers, Tiger Lilies
1993.05.06 Union Athens, OH
1993.05.05 St. Andrews Hall Detroit, MI
1993.05.03 Backstreet Club Montreal, QUE Screaming Trees, Pond
1993.05.01 Union College Schenectady, NY Screaming Trees, Pond
1993.04.30 Bethany College Bethany, WV Screaming Trees
1993.04.29 Trocadero Philadelphia, PA Screaming Trees, Pond
1993.04.28 The Beat Port Chester, NY
1993.04.27 Avalon Ballroom Boston, MA Screaming Trees, Pond
1993.04.25 University of Rhode Island Kingston, RI Screaming Trees, Pond
1993.04.24 City Gardens Trenton, NJ Jawbox, Semibodies
1993.04.23 SUNY Fredonia Fredonia, NY Screaming Trees, Pond
1993.04.22 The Rev baltimore, MD B.O.X, Palentine
1993.04.21 Mary Washington College Fredricksburg, VA Screaming Trees, Pond
1993.04.20 930 Club Washington, DC Screaming Trees, Pond
1993.04.19 Boathouse Norfolk, VA Screaming Trees, Pond
1993.04.18 Metro Richmond, VA Thing King
1993.04.17 Baylor Fieldhouse Chattanooga, TN Screaming Trees, Pond
1993.04.16 Cat's Cradle Chapel Hill, NC Polvo
1993.04.15 Masquerade Atlanta, FL Screaming Trees, Pond
1993.04.14 ? Athens, GA
1993.04.13 Cow House Tallahassee, FL
1993.04.12 Rock-It Club Tampa, FL Screaming Trees, Pond
1993.04.10 The Edge Ft. Lauderdale, FL Screaming Trees, Pond
1993.04.09 The Edge Orlando, FL Screaming Trees, Pond
1993.04.08 The Edge Jacksonville, FL Screaming Trees, Pond
1993.04.06 Blue Note Columbia, MO Screaming Trees, Pond
1993.04.05 Bottleneck Lawrence, KS Screaming Trees, Pond
1993.04.04 Gothic Theater Denver, CO Screaming Trees
1993.04.03 Tanquerayz Fort Collins, CO Screaming Trees
1993.04.01 Utah State Fairpark Salt Lake City, UT Screaming Trees
1993.03.31 Filling Station Bozeman, MT
1993.03.30 University of Montana Missoula, MT Screaming Trees
1993.03.27 Fordham University The Bronx, NY Hum
1993.03.26 CBGB New York, NY Mothra, Hum, Six Finger Satellite, Action Swingers
1993.03.25 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ Hum
1993.03.24 SUNY Binghampton, NY Hum
1993.03.23 Khyber Pass Philadelphia, PA Hazel, Hum
1993.03.22 Euclid Tavern Cleveland, OH Gem, Hum
1993.03.21 Stache's Columbus, OH Hum
1993.03.20 Cabaret Metro Chicago, IL Steakdaddy Six, Seam
1993.03.19 Marquette University Milwaukee, WI Dis
1993.03.18 Gabe's Oasis Iowa City, IA
1993.03.17 Hairy Mary's Des Moines, IA
1993.03.15 Club Soda Kalamazoo, MI
1993.03.13 Uncle Roscoe's Polo Club Davenport, IA
1993.02.27 Mabel's Champaign, IL Dolomite, Burnout
1993.02.26 Illinois State University Normal, IL Little Elvis
1993.02.13 Roxy Theatre Los Angeles, CA The Fluid
1992.11.01 Tewligan's Louisville, KY
1992.10.31 Bogart's Cincinnati, OH Afghan Whigs
1992.10.30 Union Athens, OH
1992.10.29 Wrocklage Lexington, KY
1992.10.28 Twisters Richmond, VA Six Finger Satellite, Gang Chorus
1992.10.27 King's Head Inn Norfolk, VA Six Finger Satellite
1992.10.26 Cat's Cradle Chapel Hill, NC Six Finger Satellite, Dentists, Polvo
1992.10.24 Sluggo's Pensacola, FL Six Finger Satellite, Pain Teens
1992.10.23 Florida State University Tallahassee, FL Six Finger Satellite
1992.10.22 Ritz Theater Ybor City, FL Six Finger Satellite, Seaweed
1992.10.21 Beach Club Orlando, FL Six Finger Satellite, Seaweed
1992.10.20 Florida Theater Gainesville, FL Six Finger Satellite
1992.10.19 Masquerade Atlanta, GA Shrimp Boat, Loudspeaker, Six Finger Satellite
1992.10.18 ? Chattanooga, TN Six Finger Satellite
1992.09.28 Euclid Tavern Cleveland, OH Zip Gun
1992.09.27 Stache's Columbus, OH Walt Mink
1992.09.26 Gumby's Huntington, WV
1992.09.25 Sudsy Malone's Cincinnati, OH
1992.09.24 Patio Indianapolis, IN
1992.09.23 Rhino's Bloomington, IN
1992.09.22 Cicero's St. Louis, MO Small Ball Paul
1992.09.21 Blue Note Columbia, MO Hopscotch Army, Dazzling Killmen
1992.09.20 University of Kansas Lawrence, KS Public Enemy
1992.09.19 East Union Omaha, NB Dazzling Killmen, Mercy Rule
1992.09.18 King's Court Sioux City, IA Mercy Rule
1992.09.17 Hairy Mary's Des Moines, IA
1992.09.16 Gabe's Oasis Iowa City, IA 27 Various
1992.09.14 Club Soda Kalamazoo, MI Godhead, Thought Industry
1992.06.12 89X/X-Fest Detroit, MI The Civilians, Final Cut, Prong, The Smithereens
1992.05.24 Cabaret Metro Chicago, IL Hum
1992.05.17 Another Place Sandwich Shop Louisville, KY
1992.05.16 Union Athens, OH
1992.05.15 Chilly's Cincinnati, OH Tigerlillies
1992.05.13 The Bottleneck Lawrence, KS Goober and the Peas
1992.05.12 The Blue Note Columbia, MO
1992.05.10 Seventh Street Entry Minneapolis, MN Goddamned Liars, Style Monkeys, Soul Reaction
1992.05.09 Macallester College St. Paul, MN
1992.05.08 Uncle Roscoe's Polo Club Davenport, IA
1992.05.07 Shank Hall Milwaukee, WI
1992.05.04 The Beehive Pittsburgh, PA
1992.05.03 J. C. Dobbs Philadelphia, PA
1992.05.02 Terrace Club Princeton, NJ kiaro skuro
1992.05.01 The Marquee New York, NY Barbara Manning, Buffalo Tom
1992.04.25 Northern Illinois University DeKalb, IL We missed this show, Johnny thought it was the next day
1992.04.17 Room 2007, Le Meridien Hotel Chicago, IL We signed a contract with Sire Records today
1992.04.04 Le Chateau Madison, WI Lagbolt
1992.02.26 Jake's Bloomington, IN
1992.02.25 Stache's Columbus, OH Swervedriver
1992.02.24 Twisters Richmond, VA
1992.02.23 Jacob's Run Wilmington, NC
1992.02.22 Cat's Cradle Chapel Hill, NC Swervedriver
1992.02.21 Cotton Club Atlanta, GA Swervedriver, Hypnolovewheel
1992.02.20 Antenna Club Memphis, TN Dog, Red Devils
1992.02.19 Trees Dallas, TX Swervedriver
1992.02.18 Back Room Austin, TX Swervedriver
1992.02.17 Beyond Ordinary Albuquerque, NM
1992.02.16 Chuy's Tempe, AZ Swervedriver
1992.02.15 Sound FX San Diego, CA Swervedriver
1992.02.14 DNA Lounge San Francisco, CA Live, Swervedriver
1992.02.13 The Whisky Hollywood, CA Swervedriver
1992.02.12 Club With No Name Los Angeles, CA Swervedriver, Carnival Art
1992.02.11 Cattle Club Sacramento, CA Swervedriver
1992.02.08 Melody Ballroom Portland, OR Swervedriver
1992.02.07 Rock Candy Seattle, WA Swervedriver
1992.02.06 Town Pump Vancouver, BC Swervedriver
1992.02.05 U of Idaho Moscow, ID Afghan Whigs
1992.02.03 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN Swervedriver
1992.02.02 Club De Wash Madison, WI Psychofunkepus
1992.02.01 Cabaret Metro Chicago, IL Swervedriver
1992.01.31 St. Andrew's Hall Detroit, MI Swervedriver
1992.01.30 Lee's Palace Toronto, ONT Swervedriver
1992.01.28 T. T. the Bear Cambridge, MA Swervedriver
1992.01.26 Club Baby Head Providence, RI Swervedriver
1992.01.25 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ Swervedriver
1992.01.24 CBGBs New York City, NY Swervedriver (CNN interviewed us tonight)
1992.01.23 9:30 Club Washington, DC Swervedriver
1992.01.22 Max's On Broadway Baltimore, MD Swervedriver
1992.01.21 The Upstage Pittsburgh, PA
1992.01.20 Euclid Tavern Cleveland, OH Screw Tractor
1992.01.15 Mabel's Champaign, IL Judge Nothing, Tar
1992.01.14 The Gallery Normal, IL Ward, Judge Nothing
1991.11.20 The Shadow Kansas City, MO Buzzcocks
1991.11.18 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN Buzzcocks
1991.11.16 R and R Station Madison, WI Buzzcocks
1991.11.15 Ranch Bowl Omaha, NB Buzzcocks
1991.11.14 Blue Note Columbia, MO Buzzcocks
1991.11.12 Mississippi Nights St. Louis, MO Buzzcocks
1991.11.11 Jake's Bloomington, IN Buzzcocks
1991.11.09 Cabaret Metro Chicago, IL Carnival Art, Buzzcocks
1991.11.08 Bogart's Cincinnati, OH Carnival Art, Buzzcocks
1991.11.07 St. Andrew's Hall Detroit, MI Carnival Art, Buzzcocks
1991.11.06 Peabody's Down Under Cleveland, OH Carnival Art, Buzzcocks
1991.11.05 Union Athens, OH
1991.11.03 The Comet Hartford, CT Head of David, Tar
1991.11.02 T. T. the Bear Cambridge, MA Green Magnet School, Six Finger Satellite
1991.11.01 CBGB New York, NY Antenna, Das Damen, Die Kreuzen, Singing Spoons
1991.10.31 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ Doughboys, Superchunk
1991.10.29 Khyber Pass Philadelphia, PA Sebadoh
1991.10.28 D. C. Space Washington, DC Severin, Sebadoh
1991.10.26 Mex-Econo Kill Devil Hills, NC
1991.10.25 Under the Street Durham, NC
1991.10.24 40 Watt Club Athens, GA
1991.10.23 Beach Club Orlando, FL Volcano Suns
1991.10.22 Sluggo's Pensacola, FL
1991.10.20 Muddy Waters New Orleans, LA
1991.10.19 1033 Club San Antonio, TX
1991.10.18 The Axiom Houston, TX Glass Eye, 3 Day Stubble
1991.10.17 Cannibal Club Austin, TX
1991.10.16 Maxwell's Albuquerque, NM
1991.10.14 Club With No Name Los Angeles, CA
1991.10.12 Winter's/Red Tape San Diego, CA Holy Love Snakes, Coffin Break
1991.10.11 Al's Bar Los Angeles, CA Kings of Oblivion, Jack Brewer Band, Sandy Duncan's Eye
1991.10.10 Rhino Records Los Angeles, CA
1991.10.09 Marsugi's San Jose, CA
1991.10.07 Kennel Club San Francisco, CA
1991.10.05 Portland Underground Portland, OR Down By Law
1991.10.04 Rock Candy Seattle, WA Coup de Grace
1991.10.02 O. K. Hotel Seattle, WA Hammerbox, Uptown Bones
1991.10.01 University of Montana Union Missoula, MT Skin Yard, The Banned
1991.09.30 Day's Inn Rapid City, SD Skin Yard
1991.09.23 WEFT - Champaign Community Radio Champaign, IL (thanks to who taped the show)
1991.09.21 Gabe's Oasis Iowa City, IA Draghounds, Millions
1991.09.20 Unicorn Milwaukee, WI Psychobunnies
1991.09.19 O'Cayz Corral Madison, WI Ivory Library
1991.09.07 Otto's DeKalb, IL Festering Rinyenions, Quaker Youth Ensemble
1991.09.06 Cabaret Metro Chicago, IL Gashuffer, Mudhoney
1991.09.04 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN Pegboy, Mudhoney
1991.08.28 Mabel's Champaign, IL Love Cup, Lonely Trailer
1991.08.27 The Gallery Normal, IL Hum, Judge Nothing
1991.07.19 Club Baby Head Providence, RI Six Finger Satellite, Smashing Pumpkins
1991.07.18 T. T. the Bear Cambridge, MA American Music Club, Straitjacket Fits
1991.07.17 QE2 Albany, NY Plaid
1991.07.16 CBGB New York, NY Pegboy, Didjits, Jesus Lizard, Precious Wax Drippings
1991.07.13 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ Finger, Big Chief
1991.05.18 Uptown Bar Minneapolis, MN
1991.05.11 CBGB New York, NY See No Evil, An Emotional Fish
1991.05.10 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ Motel Shootout, Blood Oranges
1991.05.09 The Rat Boston, MA
1991.05.08 Knitting Factory New York, NY Jonestown, Texas Instruments, Bailter Space
1991.05.07 Khyber Pass Philadelphia, PA
1991.05.06 Stache's Columbus, OH Dog
1991.05.04 City Club Madison, WI The Magnolias
1991.04.27 Band Jam 1991 - UIUC Quad Champaign, IL
1991.04.26 Cabaret Metro Chicago, IL Phantom Helmsmen
1991.04.19 Marquette University Milwaukee, WI Soul Asylum
1991.04.06 Blind Pig Champaign, IL
1991.03.10 Stache's Columbus, OH Wedding Present
1991.02.23 Metro Chicago, IL Buffalo Tom
1990.12.21 Cubby Bear Chicago, IL Blue Meanies
1990.12.16 Uptown Bar Minneapolis, MN Hum, Arcwelder
1990.12.14 U of W Memorial Union Madison, WI
1990.12.13 Columbia College Chicago, IL
1990.06.09 Treno's Urbana, IL Hum
1990.02.23 Edge of the Looking Glass Chicago, IL These Things
1990.02.21 Mabel's Champaign, IL Material Issue, Little Engine
1990.01.01 ? ???, We played a lot of shows in 1990 but didn't write them down. If you can help fill in the blanks, let us know.
1989.11.03 Murphy's Pub Clinton, OH Afghan Whigs
1989.08.25 7th Street Entry Minneapolis, MN Magnolias
1989.08.16 Metro Chicago, IL East and West, The Bishops
1989.06.18 Mabel's Champaign, IL
1989.05.14 Mabel's Champaign, IL Josh Gottheil Benefit, Throwing Muses, Bowery Boys, Hot Glue Gun, TLA
1989.05.10 Metro Chicago, IL Tar Babies, Becky's Birthday
1989.05.04 Tritos Uptown Champaign, IL Light Into Dark Release Party with Smashing Pumpkins and Gold September
1989.04.20 Trito's Uptown Champaign, IL Thin White Rope
1989.03.17 Cabaret Metro Chicago, IL Light Into Dark Release Party
1989.01.24 Mabel's Champaign, IL Titanic Love Affair
1989.01.17 Mabel's Champaign, IL 7 Seconds, bad flannel
1989.01.01 ? ??, We played a lot of shows in 1989 but we didn't write them down. If you have any info, please let us know.
1988.12.17 7th Street Entry Minneapolis, MN Gear Daddies
1988.12.01 ? Champaign?, Texas Instruments, Ghost Swami
1988.11.29 ? ?, 13 Engines, 2 Days After
1988.11.26 Club Stodola Chicago, IL Crows
1988.11.26 WNUR Evanston, IL Played on the air
1988.11.19 Dreamerz Chicago, IL Green
1988.11.16 Trito's Uptown Champaign, IL Volcano Suns
1988.11.04 Allen Hall Urbana, IL
1988.11.01 Chin's Champaign, IL Bowery Boys, not really sure of the exact date
1988.10.28 Gabe's Oasis Iowa City, IA Full Fathom Five
1988.10.26 Trito's Uptown Champaign, IL Dang Trippers
1988.10.22 Batteries Not Included Chicago, IL Titanic Love Affair, Wired
1988.10.19 Nature's Table Urbana, IL Obvious Man
1988.10.17 Cicero's St. Louis, MO The Weeds
1988.10.09 Mabel's Champaign, IL firehose, Screaming Trees
1988.09.28 Trito's Uptown Champaign, IL Swingin' Teens
1988.09.23 Batteries Not Included Chicago, IL Titanic Love Affair, Load
1988.09.16 ? Charleston, IL Lonely Trailer
1988.09.15 Dreamerz Chicago, IL
1988.09.13 Mabel's Champaign, IL Lonely Trailer
1988.09.06 Cicero's St. Louis, MO
1988.08.23 Mabel's Champaign, IL Bowery Boys
1988.08.03 Mabel's Champaign, IL Lonely Trailer
1988.07.29 Peace Fest Chicago, IL
1988.07.24 Channing Murray Foundation Urbana, IL
1988.07.15 Batteries Not Included Chicago, IL
1988.07.08 Chin's Champaign, IL
1988.06.30 Gabe's Oasis Iowa City, IA Love Cactus
1988.06.22 Mabel's Champaign, IL Lonely Trailer
1988.05.08 Peacefest Champaign, IL
1988.05.01 ? Bloomington, IL Love Cactus, bad flannel, not sure of the exact date
1988.05.01 Ted's Warehouse? Charleston, IL Love Cactus, not sure of the exact date
1988.04.19 Mabel's Champaign, IL Thin White Rope
1988.04.12 Mabel's Champaign, IL Battle of the Bands (the Shakes won)
1988.03.12 Chin's Champaign, IL
1988.03.10 Cubby Bear Champaign, IL
1988.03.08 Trito's Uptown Champaign, IL 13 Engines
1988.03.05 Friends & Co. Charleston, IL
1988.03.04 The Gallery Bloomington, IL
1988.02.05 Wesley Foundation DeKalb, IL with Obvious Man, Battery Angels
1987.11.01 Chin's Champaign, IL Bowery Boys, not sure of the exact date
1987.11.01 Phyllis' Musical Inn Chicago, IL The Condition, not sure of the exact date
1987.10.29 Chin's Champaign, IL Vehicle In Tow
1987.10.03 Phyllis' Musical Inn Chicago, IL Hardcore Barbie
1987.09.26 Chin's Champaign, IL Hardcore Barbie