RTFM TOUR part 6

picture for those guys who drew us the picture

Yes, it's really hanging up in our van!

May 24th, Asbury Park, NJ

Matt Pinfield (from 120 Minutes) was at the show tonight

120 Minutes is never going to be the same for me anymore. It's so weird to see someone you have only seen on TV a million times, live, in person. I was very star-struck when I saw him; you have to admit, Matt is the best VJ ever on 120 Minutes - he knows everything about every band, and he seems really geniunely interested in the music. I made him sign my arm. He says he loves Poster Children. He's a HUGE Failure fan - after the show he just got up on the stage and went ballistic about how great Failure i s, how Fantastic Planet is the greatest concept album since Quadraphenia, etc. Rick kept marvelling about how short he is in real life; Rick's got that problem with TV stars; they always seem shorter to him in real life. My problem with them is I get star -struck. Rick said he thinks that Matt is a man on the edge. He thinks he is ready to go off the deep end. He said he was partially responsible for M2 - the greatest thing to hit MTV since its inception. Rick thinks that M2 is so good that there's no way it will last. I don't think Matt will remember anything he said tonight. He seemed a little wasted.

I didn't expect anyone to be there to see us tonight; but there were people with Tool Of The Man shirts. Matt Pinfield said that the people of Asbury Park are TRUE rock fans; and that's why he likes it here. This is where Bruce Springsteen is from!

May 25th, Providence, RI

We're driving back up the rainy coast of New England to Providence, passing Failure back and forth on the road. Those guys really know how to "look" like a band; they walk around and they've got the sunglasses and the sleek coats; definitely chic. I wonde r if we look like a band when we walk around. Someone asked Rick yesterday if he was a doctor. And I think I look like someone's crazy aunt or something. Some 13-year old braces-wearing kids at the NY show thought Howie looked like Kramer! And Jim; well, I think Jim knows how to make himself invisible. The jury is still out whether or not Jimmie Soundguy looks like a soundguy or a band member.

All I remember from this show is Jeremiah from Six Finger Satellite was at it. He is still very, very tall. They are building a studio and will record again. He told me that the lead singer from Brainiac just died in a car crash. I also remember the promo ter of the show yelling at me, saying he lost over $1000 tonight. It's not our fault, I wanted to tell him; our name wasn't even on his stupid little bulletin board. It just said Failure. The show the night before was a Tribute to Iron Maiden (I'm serious ) and the next day was a Doors Revival show. Just walking into the club, you knew it was the wrong place for the show, just like most of the other shows. They've all been at the wrong places.

May 26th, Boston, MA

Yes, a Monday night show in Boston can be good too. I am so sick today I just want to write everything down as quickly as possible before I forget everything. I keep having really bad coughing fits. There were people here from the Portland, Maine show - t he one I was so sick at that I couldn't stop throwing up and we had to cancel the other half of the show. There were people from New Hampshire too - when people drive so far (and even when they don't) it's such a responsibility to give them a good show! A guy gave us a present of these two beautiful glasses that he MADE!

Today we spent the day with the most Awesome Joyce Linehan, director of A&R for Subpop East Coast - I don't know what we have done to deserve her friendship, but whatever it was, it must be very substantial. She has this amazing house that bands stay at; different rooms with beds in them, and pictures of Six Finger Satellite hanging in one of the rooms. She took us to see the new Jurassic Park movie, which was plug-in-the-money and out comes the movie formula, but we were happy we got to see it. And we go t to play at the Middle East which is the Correct place to play for this show. Some of the shows are in the right place. And tonight, oddly enuf, there were PEOPLE at the show! HMM!! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it was at the right plac e? Gee. I wonder....

more later.

May 27th, Baltimore, MD - Fletcher's

the day our modem broke.

Fletcher's is a pretty cool place. We played with a great band tonight called Gerty - sort of a weird combination of XTC and maybe the Pixies? I hope I'm not just saying that because there is a girl bass player. They are pretty damn rhythmic, and very int eresting to watch.