Fall Tour 2

Wed Sep 10 - First PC show! Club Soda, Kalamazoo


hello, everybody, this is howie the drummer with today's tour report! at the moment, we're all chilling out at our good friend liz clayton's apartment in ann arbor, michigan. incidentally, she's got two playful cats named woodward and foot-foot. i just put foot-foot on jim while he was sleeping, was being the key word here. me 'n liz just had breakfast at the world's finest breakfast restaurant--it's called angelo's and it rules.

the other day, i visited the united states holocaust museum in washington d.c. it was really informative and moving. kind of heavy, though. so in order to lift my spirits, i walked over to the vietnam memorial. (rick's shaving and foot-foot's tearing up a pair of my socks. now rick's shaving foot-foot.) tonight is our first poster children show in a while, in kalamazoo. i think we're all looking forward to playing some ROCK! see ya!

back to rose

WOW!! This is SOOO great! We had so much fun last night, the first night of our headlining Poster Children tour!! We are totally prepared with tons of old songs to play and some new ones too! This is going to be a great month! IT is AWESOME to headline our own shows!

Ok, check this out - WEIRD AL YANKOVIC was at our show!! I didn't see him; only Howie saw him! After the show people just kept coming up to me and telling me Weird Al was at our show - I guess he watched the whole thing and stayed until the end! I couldn't believe it. I can't believe I didn't get his autograph. I was so busy doing merchandise after the show. Rats!! But people came up with our posters, they had signatures of all 4 of us and Weird Al Yankovic's signature right in the middle of ours! Man, that is SO Great!!

Here is a picture of a guy who got 2 Weird Al autographs

And a very special person had us all sign his Zip drive. That is the first Zip drive I've ever autographed.

The New Ascetic

People have been asking me lately, "So, how's the tour been going?" and I can't even answer them. I feel so detached from any calendar and any ground markings. We've been on tour for so long I'm completely cut loose from space and time. I think we were in Europe a month(?) ago? and then in New York, but as a different band. Someone asked me where we were in the tour, and I had no answer for them. I know we were off for a week just recently too. This is the New Asceticism. (You know an ascetic is one of those Buddhist guys who gives away all his possessions and goes wandering in a forest to achieve Nirvana [not the band]). I am completely without any possessions except my contact lens solution, case, and glasses and these little synthroid pills I have to take or I get depressed and fat. Those are the 4 only important things I need each day. Even clothing doesn't matter anymore. For food or entertainment, there are always the equivalent of an ascetic's nuts and berries he finds in the forest for nourishment; mine are Jay's "Hot Stuff" potato chips, a Hershey bar, and a can of Coke plucked straight from branches of the nearest Shop-n-Go. I know I am like an ascetic because I am beginning to feel purified in some weird way.

Thu Sep 11 - La Crosse, WI

Half of the stairs for the load-in to the Warehouse in LaCrosse

The club is so cool you don't even notice the stairs!

Last night we slept on Rick and Jim's Parents house floor! (well, actually they had beds and sofas!)

Today Rick said during a conversation, in a completely reasonable voice, "You can argue all you want with me but what I said is right." Then we all laughed. Everyone is in a good mood. Howie wants to write tour reports now, which is awesome. I tried to get Rick to write again but he says it takes him too long to write. He has to edit every sentence for an hour. He says that's why he writes lyrics. Then he said he'd write rebuttals to everything Howie and I wrote.


We stopped at Rockhaus in Milwaukee, the guitar store we get all our equipment from, to replenish our tube supply. Rockhaus is wonderful because they are like the equivalent of an indie label for a guitar store. We order guitars from them and they just ship them to us; they are completely trustworthy.

Kopp's In Milwaukee

If you're ever in Milwaukee and you like really big hamburgers, there is an amazing place called Kopp's that has these fantastic huge hamburgers. We stopped here too. So much for our vegetarian diet.

Load Out

Fri Sep 12 - Madison, WI

Jim Contributes Some Pictures to the Tour Reports (LaCrosse, WI)

From Rose

We had a discussion today about how it probably wouldn't be nice to live in Madison, Wisconsin. It's like a paradise; where would you go when you got tired of it? It probably would get tiring after a while. Yeah, that's it. I mean, you'd get sick of the huge amount of diverse restaurants. You'd get tired of the beautiful lakes and trees and sunsets and hippies and bicyclists. The place is like College-land at DisneyWorld, complete with characters dressed up like Punks, Hippies, College Students, Frat Boys, Old Wacky Bums, and Business People. There is an incredibly healthy mix of college and business in the town, enough to make it seem really liberal. Everyone seems nice and happy.

Sat Sep 13 - Bloomington, IL

From Howie
Princess diana and mother teresa aren't the only public figures who've died recently--here's some others: earlier this year, the great jazz drummer tony williams died, one of my heroes. also, timmy taylor, the singer of brainiac. also, the singer jeff buckley, who's folk singer father also died young. recently, the middle easterrn singer nusrat fateh ali khan passed away--i was just listening to an album of his that was dedicated to jeff buckley. sir george solti, former conductor of the chicago symphony orchestra; burgess meredith, known for playing the penguin on batman, and also rocky's trainer, mickey. jimmy stewart, robert mitchum--i'm sure there's more. not to mention all of the un-public figures who die every day. why am i writing about this in a tour report? i don't know, just some food for thought maybe.

last night, we played in madison, wi., one of our favorite places to play, at a place called o'cayz corral. a very fun show, the first show in about three years where we didn't play 'wide awake'. we've really been digging into the past on this tour, which is three shows old. some tool of the man stuff, daisychain reaction, even a little flower plower. of course a healthy dose of the "new stuff" from rtfm, too. it's been fun--so far the set list has been pretty radically different every night.

i'm reading 'foundation' by isaac asimov; it's a science fiction classic--i'm about 70 pages into it and so far there hasn't been a single female character. not one! it's still pretty good, though. it was written in the fifties, before people noticed how many women characters were in a book. anyone read anything good lately? email us, let us know--there's lots of time to kill in the van.

speaking of the van, that's where we are right now, on our way to bloomington, il. to play a festival. our good friends Sarge are also playing, it'll be good to see 'em. after that, it's up to minnesota, then out to the wide open spaces of the american west, and our first ever show in north dakota! hi mom--see y'all!

From rose

Gosh, we are so close to home! Tonight we played in the rain, and I told the audience that we couldn't afford an expensive light show so we had to just make it rain for them, but at least Our show was Interactive, I said. I looked up while we played and the yellow lights were shining on the rain falling on us; it looked like we were moving through hyperspace. Rick got a copy of the new Wolfie (a new Champaign band) 7" that he recorded and was really excited to hear it.

And I have a TERRIBLE headache. I don't know how I played a show tonight. I feel like someone has inflated a balloon in my head.