Summer Tour Part II

JULY 23 -- Ann Arbor, MI

You have to realize when you are happy!

I have to make this short, but basically, it's a thank-you to anyone who came to the show tonight. This was one of the best audiences we've ever had for a show- people screaming the lyrics to Black Dog right as we started playing!!! The last time we played Ann Arbor was like 5 years ago. I said from the stage "This is the kind of audience a band dreams about" and I really meant it! Thank you all so much!!! About 30 minutes east of here and 3 years backwards, we played a show at a club called "Club Hell" where about 5 people showed up and 3 of them were in Goober And The Peas. It just goes to show you that there are some good times and some bad, and you have to take into account the good just as much as you have to suffer through the bad times. You have to realize when you are happy!

Salaryman going to Europe probably

Salaryman has just started half-believing that they are going to Europe today. The tour has been planned for more than a month now, but Salaryman as coincidentally as skeptical about tour plans as we are. (Fancy that.) But today they received word of their hotel reservations, and when you actually have a name of a hotel, it makes things seem more real. They will completely believe the tour will be happening when they get their plane tickets. They have been told that they are leaving on August 5th.

July 24 -- Rose makes a mistake

I am actually sitting in our van now, crying, perversely. There is no one to talk to, and stupid or not, I have decided to write about it. These are the ups and downs of touring. The band who *opened* up for us tonight was called Nashville Pussy, and they had a 6-foot tall fire-breathing female bass player who used to be a model. And another female guitarist with huge blonde hair, wearing a leopard stripe bikini, who could REALLY play the guitar, and a biker lead singer guy who kept yelling Mutherfucker in between lyrics. They kinda sounded like the Didjits without the hooks, and with way more tattooes. The people loved it. I just would like to know why we had to play after them. We should have opened for them, and I knew that before the show even started, but the promoter was like, "Oh, NO, of course you guys are headlining. If I was the promoter I would have at least given us a choice. Why did we have to play after them? I am sure that's what the whole audience was wondering too, as they walked out during our first couple of songs. They waited, too, until we started playing and then walked out. Ok, maybe it was really late, but I know they had to be asking "Why did Nashville Pussy OPEN for this wimpy-ass band?" Over and over.

So tonight we were blown off the stage. I suppose if it takes a female fire-breathing, six-foot tall ex-model kissing a leopard-skin-bikini-clad female guitarist who plays better guitar than Steve Vai to blow us off the stage, that's not too bad. Everyone please go see Nashville Pussy if they come to your town. They really are quite a show. And they are really, really nice - those girls came up and talked to me, they were like dolls. But they should never have to open for anyone.

By the way, the band who opened the whole show, Cherub Scourge, were really amazing, a really great retro punk band, way, way above average. They had great vocals and one of the guys had a huge mohawk!! We really enjoyed them a lot!

July 25th, Driving to Dayton

Van fun

We're sitting in the van making fun of Howie for reading Nietzsche. "You're reading NIETZSCHE?" I yell. Rick from the back of the van, "OH GOD." "YOU POSER!" I yell. (Standard Poster Children Acknowledgment to anyone in the band who is doing something blatantly high-brow. "Hey shut up," Howie whines. "This stuff would do you some good," sarcastically. "Maybe I will loan it to you after I'm done. Yes, in fact, I will loan it to you when I'm done." Rick, laying in the back of the van reading the newest Amtrak National Timetable pamphlet, "Nites-Chee, (intentionally mispronouncing it) - what was that book? 'I AM GOD?' Something like that? I AM THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE? He was one of those misunderstood Germans, wasn't he? Like Hitler."

We're on our way to Dayton. Rick is now humming Wagner in the back of the van. I ask Rick where we are and he stops humming long enough to say "Bored Out Of My Mind, Ohio." Jim came out from the Kentucky Wal-Mart store wearing a brand spanking new pair of overalls, "AS SEEN ON HEE-HAW" was on the tag. He really looks like the height of fashion. I suggest that Salaryman wears them on stage in Europe and Rick says "Yeah, let's play Stump The Germans." I am amazed that you drive 2 hours south of Cincinatti and it's like the people speak a foreign language. Last night at the hotel a little pig-tailed girl asked me if I knew "wor ess wuz." I couldn't figure out what the Wor Ess wuz but then it finally dawned upon me that she was looking for the Ice Machine.

After the Dayton show

I've noticed a wonderful trend lately; people we know really well from coming to our shows so often are starting to meet each other at different shows; they're starting to drive to neighboring cities (well, they've always been doing that) but it's really, really neat to see two people who we meet in different cities and who we talk to all the time on the internet talking to each other! I only hope you people can handle the fact that all Poster Children fans LOOK Different. Like, some of you are tall, black vampire-goths, and others of you have sideburns and pigtails, and others look like total indie rocker geeks (me too?!) and others look like frat boys! But you all discovered us, skary enough, you all have something in common, so be nice to each other when you meet each other.

Shit. This computer's screen is starting to wiggle in a really disturbing way. Like it's going to fizzle and go out. Like a very scary hardware problem.

How Thomas Pynchon Wrote Gravity's Rainbow

I think I know what happened. I think he woke up around noon each day, started drinking and writing and wrote until he collapsed under the table. Then someone else came in unbeknownst to him and just started typing pages, too. They put the extra pages on the pile of finished pages and no one noticed, not even Pynchon. He hasn't read it again ever since he wrote each page. All the discontinuities are noticed by people like us and scholars, and they have been mistaken for brilliance. That's what I think. Meow, meow, meow. I'm on page 216 I think.

July 26th, Chicago, ILLINOIS

written on July 27th, at home in Champaign

I have only been to one other show where a band has received 3 encores. It was a band called Lonely Trailer, playing here in Champaign. It was a Tuesday night, at the little indie rock club here called Trito's, on the same 1-foot tall stage where Steel Pole Bath Tub blew Nirvana away, on the same stage that we opened for Dinosaur Jr (the last show that Lou played in the band). Lonely Trailer (one of the greatest Champaign bands ever) played a show and We The Audience were basically dancing crazed, tears streaming from our eyes, crying for more Lonely Trailer, pounding our fists on the floor. I felt like they were holding us in their hands. They kept playing, too.

Last night was another one of the best audiences we've ever played to. I can't believe in that oven of a club that you guys kept wanting to hear more. The promoter for some reason thinks we got 5 encores, but I know it was only 3. Each time we'd finish the "last" song, we'd all stumble out the side door and it was pitch black and wet outside, and you could smell all this rotten milk from the dumpster. We were totally out-of-breath, walking around in circles, shivering and soaking wet, panting to each other, "what do you wanna play? what do you wanna play? what's left??" Rick never wants to play too many songs off Daisy Chain Reaction, and for some reason, usually those are the ones I always want to play. I think for the next tour I am going to have request lines on the web page so you guys can request certain songs for the set list in each town.

thank you all for being such a good audience. this is so much fun!


I think Salaryman is going to get the big Plane Ticket Surprise Envelope in the next week and they are going to Europe. We will probably Allow them to write on this web page - or give them their own - provided they don't get too stuck up about their indie-rock-ness. Poster Children is taking a little break for August and then going on a full-US tour, HEADLINING, in the Fall. Please Be There. Then after that, we will make a new record. But this one's gonna be very different.

I am starting up a Poster Children Listserv - there will be one called pkids-news-l for a monthly newsletter and another called pkids-l for daily talk about stuff; you know, like music, politics, science, movies, pop culture, literature, anything you want. See you there.

Love, Rose