1997 Tour Reports

Dairyland Tour, Beginning of March, 1997

February 27th, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Show #1

Wow, it's completely disorienting to be on tour once again, playing a Poster Children show. It's been months, and we've recorded a whole new album in between the last show and this one. Even though we've practiced a bunch of times, it still feels odd to be on a stage, playing many of these songs for the very first time. The weirdest part is we spent 2 months recording an album, and it sounds pretty great, the songs are all perfect and intact sounding; there's proof that we played these songs, but we can't yet play them perfectly live.

Only 61 people showed up to see us, but it was a very nice crowd. Since we've only played one other time in this town, I didn't expect much of a crowd, and there seems to be a good amount of popular shows coming up. On top of it, we're a band who hasn't had a new record out for 2 years. Who's gonna come see us? I can't wait for the new album.

February 28th, Madison

The Greatest City In The World

We played in a small club in the Union South, called Club 770. It was awesome. Madison is still our favorite city to play. We played as Salaryman first, keyboards and samplers and TVsets, and then unplugged them and plugged in the guitars. Man, that is SO HARD to do! You wouldn't think it, but it's a lot of stress. I had no idea what was going through the audience's minds, either - I almost thought I heard someone hissing for us! Me paranoid girl. That's really weird, to open for yourself.

We are on a quest to find the bass player from Iron Butterfly, who has been missing for at least a year now, we believe. We think he was abducted by government spies. This guy dissappeared under very strange circumstances. He was a bass player/ nuclear physicist. He worked on the MX missile, and right before he dissappeared, he was working on a way to beat the speed of light! His last message was a call to 911 - he threatened to commit suicide. His wife insists that he once warned her that he might call and leave a suicide threat - and it will NOT BE TRUE, he told her.

A TV show called "Strange Universe" recently did a segment on him; they were having people "remote view" (which is apparently like channelling) to find clues to his whereabouts, and the remote viewers came up with the shape of a lake, which bears a striking resemblance to Lake Winnebago, in Wisconsin, a lake we are driving past right now. The channellers said they felt that the lake was around Illinois or Indiana; Wisconsin is close enough for us! So I am checking each car as we drive down country roads, and Howie and Jim are in the back seats with their eyes shut in what I can only assume to be psychic trances, attempting to contact this missing bass player. The only thing that could hold us back in our search is the fact that we can't remember his name right now. I remember the picture of his face that I saw, but Jim says "They will have changed his face by now."

March 1st, LaCrosse Wisconsin


On the way to LaCrosse today we played what I call "MOVIE", which is we make up a movie. We're all huge movie fans. Today, we discussed the casting and the story of the new Star Wars movie; the one that happens before the current trilogy. We didn't get very far, cuz Wisconsin is pretty small. Maybe this discussion can be continued on alt.music.posterkids.

Star Wars #1

This one has to be about Darth Vader, before he turns evil. What could turn him evil? It has to be a woman, of course. There's got to be a woman in the cast. Rick says they will have to include some other races, too, or they will catch hell. We figure Darth has to fall in love with the daughter of a powerful man. My guess is the Emperor's daughter. Something has to turn him evil. Rick says it's a star- crossed lovers thing.

Of course the plot ends with the rebels having to blow up an evil technological monstrosity; the Death Cube(TM). I was saying it would be not just ONE, but TWO Death Stars, but I think Rick came up with the idea of a Death Cube. Think where that could lead, for the next 2 movies: the Death Dodecahedron, the Death Torus, and beyond. The possibilities are endless.

I mean, who came up with the brilliant idea of having ANOTHER death star in the 3rd movie, with the same technical faults? Imagine how long they spent thinking that plot up. sheesh.

So ANYWAY, The Death Cube(TM) plans are again hidden in a droid, however this time it's *not* R2D2, but C-3PO. In order to destroy the Death Cube(TM), an Ewok must be plummetted down a 2 meter-wide hole, causing a chain-reaction in the core of the Death Cube(TM) thus blowing it to pieces.

Rick imitates George Lucas being interviewed, in a whiny geek voice, "I wanted to turn the Force into something tangible, something warm and furry, (and sellable) and that's how the Force-fuzzies were born." We had a discussion about who would play the young Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Rick says it has to be a young unknown english actor. I was thinking Leonard Di Caprio or whatever his name is for the young (and Un-evil) Darth Vader. When I jokingly suggested that Christopher Walken could be the un-hooded Emperor, the discussion ended suddenly. I guess no one else had anything to say.

La Crosse

This venue has the EXACT feel of Club Vera in Groningen, The Netherlands. Unbelieveable. It's a big cavern with fliers and posters glued to the wall. The stage is perfect size, big enough to really run around on. There's a neat shop inside the complex, and I'm told there are band practice areas. The cool clothing store had Urban Makeup; you know, "gash" colored lipstick, "toxic waste" colored eyeshadow, etc. I wish I had more money.

I don't understand how a city that has 50,000 people in it in the middle of nowhere can look so hip. We were walking around in awe for a couple of hours. The van died right after we unloaded our gear and dragged it up 2 flights of stairs.

I was pretty scared that there would be no one at this show, because we've never played in this town. I was happy to hear it was an all-ages show, however. But what could possibly make a bunch of kids come to see a show of a band they'd never heard of, a band who hasn't had a record out in 2 years, a band that probably never got any airplay in that town. It turned out that 114 kids showed up, which was about 110 more than I expected, and it all had to be thanks to the promoter and the sound guy Dave telling people to come to the show! That's all it took. How cool is that?! What a wonderful surprise! Hopefully when the record comes out next month, those kids will all hear us on the radio, (in my pipe dream) and they will be like, "HEY! I SAW Those guys!" People seemed to enjoy the show. It's hard to tell with all-ages kids.

It's going to take a little while to remember the rhythm of touring. I have completely forgotten about tour-report writing! The first night, I sat in the motel room, tried to remember what I was supposed to do with the computer, and only right before I fell asleep did it occur to me, 'OH YEAH, I'm supposed to be writing a tour report!'
Now we go home and WAIT some more. We can't play a lot of shows until near the time the record comes out, or we'll be wasting the surprise...

stay tuned....