1995 - Jun

Getting Ready For Canada!

  • Mon Jun 05: Day OFF - Portland ME via Boston!
  • Tue Jun 06: FOOD POISONING?
  • Wed Jun 07: RANT'S R US: Forrest Gump, Bob Dole, and Howie finally speaks!!


Monday Jun 05 - Day Off - drive to Portland via Boston!


Why did we go back to Boston again? Because Rick left his guitar at Mama Kin Club! They found it and called us and all was well; we got there today during the day and picked up the guitar. I had also left my quicktake camera at home last week; we got it and a bunch of other stuff I left shipped to us at Mama Kin - it was mailed straight there and

not addressed to us, so a very confused Mama Kin employee opened a package to find a camera-eyeball - the connectix quicktake camera looks like something straight out of The Empire Strikes Back; like part of the Probot. Boston is turning out to be a central location for us; we'll be back in 2 weeks to shoot our next video!

Portland MAINE

We stopped at a rest stop with a Burger King, a TCBY, and a huge tank of lobsters inside! I have never been to Maine before. The license plates here all say "Maine - Vacationland" and have a red lobster on them. The sign welcoming us to the state says "The Way Life Should Always Be" or something like that. I'll agree. So far, Maine has been beauti

ful. The only problem I have with Maine is that the Susse Chalet motel we got for $24 has hard-wired phones, and I cannot disconnect the phone, or even take it apart to plug it into this computer. The brochure laying on the table in the room guarantees us "100% Satisfaction" and it also boasts motel rooms with phones with modem ports, but for some reason, all those rooms are taken. So much for "100% Satisfaction." I had a weird notion that all the modem-rooms might not have been taken if I wasn't a girl with purple hair, but who knows. I am a paranoid girl with purple hair. We went to a mall to find something to hack the phone in the motel room with, before realizing that we'd have to disconnect the motel phone system before we un-hard-wired the wire from the wall. We just don't know enough about this stuff yet, and don't have t00lz. Rats. No internet tonight for me, and I can't even check the web page. It's actually kind of nice to not have net.access - almost like I'm stranded on a desert island.

What Did We Do Tonight?

We FINALLY got to see the movie we wanted to see! We saw Crumb tonight at a movie theater here in Portland. I absolutely loved it, and I think the other guys did too. We even saw a flier for our show on the street here! It's neat to be in a town we've never, ever been in, knowing no one, and have a day off. We walk around the town, complete outsiders. I guess it's sort of a vacation town. It reminds me a little of Madison WI, lots of hip-looking people and lots of bookstores here. The mall we went to, "Maine Mall" had about 3 software shops, and very, very hip stores. (Remember that I live in Champaign IL when you read this. Disneyland looks hip to me, too).

Gangsta Rap

On the TV right now, there is a news segment about Gangsta Rap and Time/Warner warping our kids. (Just the kids who aren't living on the street, I guess.) I am assuming that Time/Warner, (a parent of our label, Reprise), is under fire right now for funding Gangsta Rap records. I remember hearing a radio show where the host was saying that since a

Time/Warner rep had refused to "read the lyrics from a Nine Inch Nails song to his 6-year old child at night before bed," that Warner shouldn't be putting out these records. So does that mean, if a liquor store owner won't feed his kids hard whiskey before bed, he shouldn't be selling it? I am trying to understand this crap. If I was the King of the World, people, and kids wouldn't have to be shielded from this stuff. They would understand what the words mean, and where they are coming from. They would ignore CRAP. 'Some stuff is not made for all people.' Robert Crumb just said that in the movie.

The TV now starts talking about anti-abortion violence, doctors getting shot, and I will have to stop typing right now before I throw the computer against the wall. A nice restful night off. I wish I had my bass on me now, to thrash around. There is no outlet.

Tuesday Jun 06 - Very short show in Portland MAINE

We have spent 2 days here in Portland now and find that it's a beautiful city. We walked around town today and spent a while at the Kinko's, our Branch Office. I spent time in the Maine Mall also, which I found to be a fine mall. Later on, we got to Zootz and set up for a very quick soundcheck, and it seemed like the show was going to be a very pleasureable experience.

List of the things I ate today:

1 Jerk Chicken Burrito with cilantro and pumpkin rice filling.

4 Coca-colas

4 Chocolate-chip pancakes

1 stale garlic roll from Sbarro

1 Indian Chicken meal w/ Saffron rice

1 Garlic Nan, about 12 inch diameter pita-bread w/ a cup of plain shredded garlic filling in


1 bowl of Cherry Garcia ice-cream with chocolate syrup.


We ate dinner at an Indian Restaurant, which had very good food, and I ordered a Garlic Nan, the specialty tonight, which turned out to be a big pita-bread sort of thing with about a quarter INCH of straight garlic spread inside of it. Throughout the whole thing. For some reason, I felt like I had to prove my manhood or something and eat most of it.


About a half hour before we were supposed to go on, I started feeling kind of sick, and by the time we were setting up, it occurred to me that I might have to throw up. I have only thrown up about twice in my career as an adult, so I wasn't very experienced with the feeling. Anyway, on stage, right before we started, I decided to go down to the bathroom - the club was set up very much like CBGBs and the bathrooms had that same "aura"... "aroma...." well, lets just say, it all helped to induce vomiting. I threw up for about 5 minutes, then ran back to the stage, wondering how I was going to jump around like I usually do.

More Vomit

We started playing and 3 songs into it, I decided that it would be good to the bathroom again. I had warned the audience also that I might have to leave in the middle of the set, and when I put down my bass and ran through the crowd (not a very big one) I heard Rick say "Please excuse us for just a moment.. Rose has to go down to the bathroom.. and ..uh.. throw up." I threw up a real lot. I thought I'd get better as I threw up, you know, like when you have a migraine, but I didn't. Anyway, I climbed back up the stairs and back out onto the stage to start with another song, but by this time my head was spinning terribly and I couldn't jump around on stage at all. I felt terrible, just standing still and playing, but soon I ended up feeling so sick I had to bend over playing, and I think I almost lost consciousness during "Get A Life." I think that may have been the last song, I don't remember - I ran down the stairs again and this time, there were people in the bathroom waiting for me; it was terrible.

I threw up for a couple more minutes, and then people started coming in the bathroom to comfort me, with glasses of water, etc. and that was probably when it got really bad - I had at least two people in there for the next 15 minutes while I was puking, one girl was wiping the back of my neck with a paper towel, another asking me if I wanted some bread; such thoughtful people, but all I could think about was how gross it must be for them to be standing in a terrible-smelling bathroom, watching me puke. By the end of this whole episode it became apparent to me that I wasn't going to be able to play anymore, and that I wasn't going to be feeling well for a while. And that I was never going to eat again. Rick drove me to a motel room where I laid in the bathtub, trying to get warm, and shivered myself to sleep in the bed. Sometimes it's nice to be so sick, because it seems like you can just completely neglect all your responsibilities and worries.

I owe the people of Portland, Maine, a big apology and we will be back to play a very full show ASAP.


Wednesday Jun 07 - I FEEL A RANT COMING ON

This RAP thing

This RAP thing is bigger than I thought. I suppose I ought to know by now that any news that reaches us while we're on tour is high-profile news. The best rumor I hear now is about Time/Warner thinking about dropping the whole record label? It's pretty scary, because I know they make a lot more on their cable than on the records; especially the way they treat their artists... (if we're any indication of how they treat their other bands, well.. they are very lenient. They let us do whatever we want. It's like they trust us as artists or something. And of course, that is the way it should be.)

Note from Rick to Bob Dole re banning violent movies (the ones without Arnold Schwarzenegger): "It'll never work. People hate politicians even more than they hate movie stars. Movies are not real. Politicians make decisions every day that really do kill people."

Another quote from Rick: "Yelling about these movies and songs is KILLING THE MESSENGER."

You know the rap lyrics are real, they are about people's personal experiences. These problems really do exist in our society, and just erasing them is killing the messenger. It figures that these politicians are not even going to talk about the real problems that are causing these lyrics to be written.

Hey Everybody! Bob Dole is going to save our country! He is going to stop all the killing on the streets by censoring the music we listen to!

Here's a quote from Time Magazine (which I am sure isn't slanted in any way, haha)

"One day after [Dole's] speech, which was written largely by Mari Maseng,...a Dole aide admitted that the Senator also had not seen most of the movies he talked about, nor had he heard most of the music. On Friday aboard his Gulfstream jet, Dole finally popped Natural Born Killers into the VCR, "Probably ought to take a look so I can say I've seen

this thing," he joked to a Time reporter over the phone. "Then we can always throw it out the window."

Bob Dole is obviously doing this so he can run for president in the next election. This is why he's attacking certain movies and calling them violent, but not others; he leaves True Lies alone because Arnold "Vote Republican" Schwarzenegger is in it. Forrest Gump is called a Family Values Movie. Of course, what important American politician could ever attack "Forrest Gump?" It's a celebration of human stupidity, just like most American politics.

Forrest Gump- The Perfect American!

Forrest Gump- Stupid Is As Stupid Sells!

The movie Forrest Gump is my enemy - it is a celebration of stupidity. There's a man, a hero, who leads a perfect life because he is ignorant of his surroundings, and HECK, things just work out perfectly for him. We can all apply this to our own lives, right? NO! Look, I'm not an Objectionist, but I agree with a discussion Howie said he had with a professor in some park in Chicago.


Howie speaks! Hmm, Forrest Gump? I never really saw what all the big deal was, but i did like the scene where he pulled all of his buddies out of the jungle in Vietnam, that moved me. And Sinise was great. (the actor, not the band) Anyways, my friend Jeff and I were hanging out on the Chicago lakefront last summer, at this african music festival.

We found ourselves talking with this long-bearded professor of culture and stuff at Depaul University, and the subject turned to movies, more specifically to Forrest Gump. I remember best one thing he said about the movie: "I was horrified!" I think his main objection was about the way in which the movie condoned and celebrated ignorance and denial as a response to our country's, and Gump's own, serious problems, such as the Vietnam war, drug addiction, and AIDS. I think he had a point, and I was happy to see a so-called smart person stand up against the popular lionization of Forrest Gump. And I also think Tom Hanks' finest moment was Bachelor Party. It's been all downhill since then.

Canada Tomorrow

We are getting ready to go into Canada tomorrow - Quebec City! None of us speak French. We stopped off at UPS today to ship a bunch of t-shirts and CDs back home, so we don't have to worry about the border. With 20 shirts and 5 CDs, we are hoping they won't tax us, crossing the border. I don't know if we'll have net.access while in Canada, but I tested AOL to see if it's got a local dialup # in Quebec City, and it does... SO most likely, we'll be able to get our email and keep up the webpage.

Augusta MAINE

This is where we are tonight. We have another day off, and we are in Augusta because that's the closest place to the Canadian border that we have a budget-coupon for a motel. We are at a very nice Super 8 in Augusta, for about $40; a room for 4 at this motel w/o a coupon would probably run us around $75. This town looks almost exactly like Charleston, IL, or some small city in North Carolina. There are small, wooden houses around here; the parts I've seen of this city do not look very rich at all. We could barely find any restaurants; we ate at a pretty bad Ground Round - complete with Clown. A fully-painted Clown made us an animal-balloon; we got a snail which, when turned over, looks very reminiscent of the Camel cigarettes cartoon... if you know what I mean.