1995 - May

Washington DC - Indianapolis

* Mon May 01: Washington DC
* Wed May 03: Boston
* Fri May 05: New York/Hoboken
* Sat May 06: Vermont
* Sun May 07: To Indianapolis via Champaign IL


Monday, May 1st- Washington DC


This city is so easy to navigate in because it's all a grid. We got terribly lost, missed our exit, but just got off on another street and drove right back to the sector of the city we were supposed to be in. More cities should be laid out like this. Too bad Washington DC is (or was) the murder capital (most murders per capita) of the US.


Well.. um... It hasn't been announced yet, but we hear that there is a POSSIBILITY that we may be on ONE week of the 2nd Stage. We are beside ourselves with happiness. We haven't really told anyone yet, because we are afraid it will fall through. I guess we confirmed wanting to be on it; but I will not say we are on it for certain until I hear the final announcement. The lineup for this Lollapalooza looks as if someone on the committee secretly called me up and asked me what my favorite bands were. Pavement, Sonic Youth, Jesus Lizard, Beck, and even Hole. We would be more than proud to be on the 2nd Stage for a Lollapalooza with these headliners.


Tomorrow we go to NYC for the first time this tour. We have no big show tomorrow, but we are recording for a show on WDRE, a NYC radio station. The next night, we get to play with SEBADOH and SHUDDER TO THINK in Boston! I have no idea what we will do tomorrow with our night off. I sorta want to see Tank Girl or some other pulp movie. I don't even know where we'll stay in NYC. Usually we stay at the Red Roof Inn outside of the city; it's great; it's about 5 minutes away from Manhattan and it's like all the sudden you are in a completely different world. You don't have to worry about getting ripped off or stabbed, or anything. Another exciting thing that will happen tomorrow is that we will get our cable from Connectix, which will enable us to use our little camera with our laptop. This means - movies for y'all! Yay! Or at least, pictures!


Very, very bad idea.


Wed May 3rd - Boston


I have been slacking because we have been so busy in NY, plus I got a barrage of email and am backed up on answering it. This is my apology for slacking. Plus, we got our little camera working, finally, so that's going to come out a lot more, I think. Also, I have to design a t-shirt for the Planetfest in Champaign; a show we are playing with Hum and Wax and Shudder To Think, among other bands. I'll be designing this t-shirt on our laptop. That will be fun. *gag*


We played that WFNX festival in Boston which is when they close down Lansdowne Street and let people get completely wasted, and have a whole bunch of bands play at the same time! Once again, we were completely unprepared for what kind of a scene it was - people everywhere, packed in and drunk, bands everywhere, mass mayhem and vendors! It was a lot of fun, but that same night Rick and I had to go on America Online and do one of those conference things- we finished 15 minutes before we had to jump on the stage! If we are not the geekest band in the world, I don't know who is.


Our show was supposed to be us playing with Sebadoh, and you really don't want to know how excited I was to see them again. The last time I saw them was in London, a couple of years ago, with Royal Trux who were incredible. Both bands were playing this night. Well, Sebadoh came on the stage and guess what. No Lou. Lou is the lead singer/guy who started the band, if you guys don't know. They played the entire set with a guy who was a really big Sebadoh fan, who knew all the guitar parts. I was so busy selling t-shirts that I couldn't even watch the show. People were leaving really angrily; they wanted to see Sebadoh With Lou. It was so weird. I can't believe that someone would just not show up to their own show. What is the POINT? Here are the rumors we were told: 1) Lou was in a hotel room and got so drunk and stoned that he couldn't move, so he couldn't play the show (this is hard for me to believe; I thought he lived in Boston, so why would he be in a hotel room?) and 2) Lou is still on his honeymoon. This rumor is a little easier for me to believe. I still do NOT understand why someone would want to screw up a show like this one. I just don't get it at all. People paid $15 to get in.

Fri May 5th - NYC/Hoboken


I am glad we will be out of the city soon. I can't understand how people live here. I guess it's nice to have instant access to "stuff" 24 hours a day, but the people.. the people, EVERYWHERE! You can't walk ANYWHERE to get away from the people! Even in the privacy of your own apartment, there are people above you, below you, and to the sides of you! ARGGGGHHH!!!!


CBGBs is an amazing place. It is a hole like no other. It's a long, thin room with the stage at the opposite end of the door. The atmosphere inside is very cave-like. The stage is made of beaten down wood, and standing on it, you are well aware that you are standing where Blondie and The Talking Heads and The Ramones once stood, wearing long sleeved shirts, sweating and shooting up heroin.

Every surface in the girls' bathroom is covered with some sort of sticker-glue, and stickers, lipstick and who knows what else. When you first walk into CBs, a skinny, decrepit old black and white dog with blood red eyes greets you by peeing on the floor in front of you. The people who work there are very nice, at least to us, and every band sounds good in the room. The sound system is one of the best you'd ever find in a club that holds less than 1000 people. There is no other club like it at all.


We met John Rubeli, the guy in charge of the second stage- he came to our show in NYC. He told us that a new show has been added to the beginning of Week 1, which is Vancouver! I guess that means the second show is in Seattle? I'm not sure, but it seems like we're still "on." I still don't want to believe it. I am not sure what is going to make me sure; maybe reading our name on some sort of official roster. Or maybe being on the stage the first night. It's so hard to believe great stuff when you are in a band, because there is such a huge amount of rumors and things that just don't happen; things falling through at the last minute. So even though the guy in charge seems to think we're on the show, I'm still not convinced! I just don't want to be disappointed.


Saturday, May 6th- Vermont


I forgot to mention last night that Ultra Bide' are probably my favorite band right now. They are a 3-piece onslaught of Japanese Noise-Rock, but not as much noise as the other bands of this genre. Keep in mind that I love Ed Hall, and I loved The Volcano Suns, and Big Black and now well, I love Ultra Bide'. This band has more power than any band I've ever seen before in my life. They play a lot in NYC, and I really, really suggest anyone in their path goes to see them. Now. Their new record is coming out on Alternative Tentacles. We will play with them again.


This college show will go down in history. We arrived after driving about 7 hours through 60-mph winds, to a small college on the west coast of Vermont, halfway up the state. The temperature outside was a balmy 40 degrees as we unpacked our gear, pushing onto the stage as the local fave-frat-party band packed up their gear and kids went home to eat dinner. By the time we were ready to play, there was a smattering of about 50 people standing outside shivering, and I just started shouting into the mic, "HELLO VERMONT!" and stuff like that.

"THIS IS THE FIRST TIME WE'VE EVER PLAYED HERE!" The wind was much louder through the mics than I was. You get the idea. Actually, the first thing I had done upon arrival at the stage was plug this powerbook in to re-charge it, and during the set at different times, I kept thinking to myself, "We are re-charging our powerbook. We are recharging our powerbook. It is not fully charged yet. We must keep playing."

The audience was great. By the end of the set there were many kids outside, jumping around as much as we were on stage! I am sure they were dancing frantically not only because they enjoyed the music, but also to keep from freezing to the ground. I cannot imagine this show sounding at all like us. It was like being in a dream, being up on that stage, with the cold winds blowing so hard. A security guard was walking around the stage the whole time we played, and even though we were much quieter than the last band, we were told numerous times to turn our amps down. The wind was whistling through the mics creating feedback in the monitors, and our hair was blowing around frantically. It really felt like something I've never done before. Probably the loosest set we've ever played. But it will go down in history. In a very, very odd way, it was a lot of fun!


Sunday, May 7th- Drive from Vermont to Indianapolis (via Champaign IL)


Today is our day off - we have to drive to Indianapolis. I think we are going to drive back to Champaign to see if our house is still there, and sleep there tonight! I'm actually kind of bummed; I really don't want to go home for some reason. Maybe I'm afraid we just won't leave again. Mostly I am afraid we're going to come in and notice something terrible has happened and we've only got a couple of hours to fix it. We have to be in Indianapolis tomorrow for our first Matthew Sweet show at a reasonable hour. But oh well. The best thing about going home will be that we get to pick up some new clothes. That'll be fun. It gets boring, looking at the same clothes over and over when you're on tour.

Sbarro: Choice of Poster Children on the Highways Of NY

You can't go wrong with a big plate of garlic-stir-fried vegetables and a couple of garlic rolls! (Unless you're Howie, I guess. Howie ate lunch at Dunkin' Donuts. He doesn't like Sbarro.)