• Nov 08 -- Seattle - Crocodile Club
  • Nov 09 -- Portland - Satyricon
  • Nov 10 -- Chico California
  • Nov 11 -- San Francisco CA
  • Nov 12 -- Drive to Los Angeles

Wednesday Nov 8, 1995 - Seattle - Crocodile Club

The Greatest Bill In The World

I think I realized today just how incredible this bill is - Plexi is amazing, recommended if you like Swervedriver, Ok? Their new record is coming out on Subpop and their single just came out. The packaging is gorgeous; the cover is embossed and the graphics are beautiful. I love listening to this band each night. The Subpop crew was out in full force at the show in Seattle to support them; a nice thing to see. The thing about the Plexi guys is that they are full of tattoos and have leather and black clothes and rock sort of hair; their manager has the most impressive dreadlocks I've ever seen, but they are really, really nice. They look intimidating compared to the geeky appearances of us and Archers of Loaf. I think it's so cool when someone's appearance doesn't quite match up to their personality. They have an incredible wall of sound coming off the stage. I think people will be talking a lot about them if they aren't already.

I am so paranoid sometimes

And then the we go on each night, and lately I've been having trouble being in a good mood when I come off the stage. It must be due to the dead-ness of the sound on these stages; sometimes it's a great-sounding stage and other times, a crappy one. Plus, the clubs are usually so packed that I don't hear that nice echo from the back wall of the club - this should make me happy! But lately I've been fuming mad on the stages. Oh yeah; and tonight I had someone spill an entire cup of beer right on my hand, completely covering me and my bass and my pickups, and my brand-new strings in sticky urine swill, (I don't like beer, ok?) completely deadening my strings and screwing with the electronics inside the bass and inside my head; the next 40 minutes (on the stage) I spent trying to convince myself the guy just spilled a beer (horizontally), accidentally on my strings, and it wasn't because he was trying to tell me something like he hates me. Does anyone know how paranoid I can get?

Then The Archers Of Loaf

And then Archers come out, help us load off our equipment, tell us they loved our set, and play their incredible music. Halfway through the set Matt the bass player always tells the audience he ripped off his entire bass "career" from me. I have to figure out some way of tripping him up when he says this; we go on before them, so I could maybe say that I have ripped him off first.. I don't know. It's such a compliment to hear a band tell you they are inspired by you and then, on top of it, for them to play music that you love.

Thursday Nov 9, 1995 - Portland - Satyricon

Wow; a 3 hour drive!

We got another gift of literature today; a couple of feet of awesome magazines, mostly computer ones! Now I see we have a lot of catching up to do before we begin work on a CD-ROM - what, in 2 weeks? We'll be home in 1-2 weeks, and then ready to start designing multimedia. I also want to fix up the front of the web page so it doesn't look so boring, but I'm not going to do it while sitting in the van.

Satyricon was packed, but I didn't see the usual Pond/Spinanes contingent here tonight. However band members from Paxil, and many, many people who read our homepage showed up to the show! Portland is a wired town. This was not an all-ages show, in a town where we should be playing all-ages, but the guy who runs Satyricon is such a nice guy, it's hard to know quite what to do when it comes to Portland.

The one big thing we did wrong was get to Portland too late to go to Powell's, the biggest bookstore in the world (the place covers an entire city block) and too late to go shopping around the little antique stores around that area. And since we have a 10 hour drive to Chico tomorrow and doors are at 7:30pm, we have to be on the road by 8:30am in order to not be late for the show. And our show tonight ended at 3am. No time to enjoy the awesome, trendy restaurants of Portland. *sigh*. Oh well, next tour.

Friday Nov 10, 1995 - Chico California, The College

Wow; a 10 hour drive!

Somewhere along this drive we decided to stop at a Burger King in some nondescript little city during the 10 hour drive, and as we walked out the door with our dead flesh sandwiches, we saw Archers Of Loaf getting ready to go in and eat their lunch! Then we remembered we ran into them somewhere at a Burger King on the east coast - when we weren't even on tour with them! How weird. A couple of hours later they zoomed past us on the highway, but they weren't naked or anything; they are not exactly on the same wavelength as Steakdaddy Six. More on our wavelength, I guess. Hours later, we stopped at a teeny gas station in northern CA and the guitarist from Plexi, pierced tongue and hood covering his hair, suddenly popped out of nowhere, squeegee in hand, to wash our windshield. All the other Plexi guys were in the gas station buying beef jerky or something, with hoods on over their hair; I was wondering if they wore the hoods so people in the gas station didn't get scared of them. I did that once when I had purple hair and didn't want to call attention to myself.

The Best Fans

After a 10 hour hell drive (well, ok, actually it was a fine drive) we got lost in the small college town of Chico CA for another 45 minutes until we finally asked someone where the show was. After driving up and down the street 3 times, we decided to turn into the driveway of the union, and heard a bunch of screams, PC!! YEAH!!!!. There were 3 people there who I can only describe as The Reasons Why Bands Play Shows. I am writing this 3 days later again, so I have a better perspective on this show; because I got sick after the show and laid in the van without talking to anyone.

Maybe it's the long drives, or the fact that I didn't have enough food. Anyway. I realize now that although the crazy dancing crowd in Bozeman is fun to play for, the real treat is the 3 kids who stand in front of the stage in Chico California, where the rest of the audience is pressed back against the wall. Three kids who know our songs and who are excited to see the show. Junior Citizens all over the world, UNITE! There are not many of you, but we love you.

Saturday Nov 11, 1995 - San Francisco

Beware of the Buzzcocks

To Haight or Not To Haight

We had a half-hour fight in the van on whether or not to go to Haight Street, which ended in violent screaming. Then we got lost anyway, looking for Haight Street for about an hour. When we finally found it, we parked there for an hour and walked around, then drove to the club, soundchecked, and then sat around and waited for the show.

Most (all!) of our fights occur because nobody wants to look like an asshole. Everyone in the van is either noncommittal about wanting to do something, just doesn't care what they do, or "sort of wants" to do something. The people who "sort of want" to do something hate to make the others do it.

Anyway, it all got settled by the time we got on stage, and I said, "OK, Indie Rock Hour is Now Over," and then complained (comically, I thought) about the taste of the microphone in front of me. Then Rick said, "The Opinions Of Rose Marshack Are Not Necessarily Those Of The Band" and so I said, "Hi, I'm Rose Marshack, and these are the Poster Children." Someone laughed. Then we started.

Halfway through the set I got really angry again. The stage seemed dead, and so did the audience. I couldn't figure out why people weren't hanging off the light posts. I had forgotten people never did that in SF for us. At the end of the set, since I was thrashing around so much, my strap fell off again and since it was the end of the last song, I wanted to look like I was doing something, so I played my bass upside down, with the headstock on the ground. It was kind of interesting to play that way, actually.

Beware Of JetLagged Buzzcocks!

I was told before the show that the Buzzcocks were coming to see us tonight because they were in town, getting ready to record, so I was all excited to see them again; we went on tour with them a long time ago. Steve Diggle and the new Bass Player showed up, and we pumped them for facts. They are recording a new record this month with, are you ready for this, the guy who produced the Green Day record. It seems like blasphemy to me. I told Steve, "Oh, well, he should be able to make you guys into a REAL punk band!" Nothing against Green Day. It's just that the Buzzcocks are legends. I'm sure Green Day will be too someday.

When the first Sex Pistols and The Clash "punk" records were coming out on Warner Brothers and Sony, the Buzzcocks put out their own records. (they signed to a major soon after.) Besides, I got the best compliment I've ever gotten from them; they called me "a Real Punk." Green Day says we're not "punk" enough to open for them. (Hm.. or that might have been the Offspring. I can't remember which.) We had a nice talk with the Buzzcocks; they were on tour in South America for the last couple of weeks and had just gotten back into America "either yesterday or today." Their tour was great. I asked them who opened for them and they said, local punk bands. "You know, 'Kill El Presidente.'" They were funny. They were loopy. Steve Diggle hugged me about 4 times. I waited for him to hug Rick. He had to have been happy, though, with all the compliments we were throwing out at him; Matt from Archers is a huge Buzzcocks fan as well.

Why Can't I Touch It

I told Steve that a week ago, we were driving through Montana and I had a "perfect moment" - I was listening to one of their records and staring at a deep blue sky, watching a single star, between two cloud masses, with the moon shining down on mountains all around, and I was listening on 9$ headphones to them scream, "There Is No Love In This World Any MORE!!," then "Why Can't I Touch It." Songs from my childhood. They have beautiful lyrics. I got really, really happy; as happy as I can get depressed sometimes.

Nigerian Embassy

We stayed with our great friends of friends from college at a house that used to be the Nigerian Embassy; a beautiful house, and watched Star Trek 4, which ended at 6am. The whales survived.Once again it becomes apparent to me how much GEEKs me and Rick really are. To Howie's credit, he went to sleep instead of watching the movie. Jim watched half the movie and then went off and did Jim things.

Sunday Nov 12, 1995 - Drive To Los Angeles

In the Dark.