• Oct 21 -- College Station
  • Oct 22 -- Oklahoma City

October 21, 1995 - College Station, Texas

This venue was a teeny outside ampitheater in the middle of suburbia, with a huge moat around the stage.

We were doomed; I think it's important for people to be sort of close to us as we are playing. I was already primed for people to be booing us when we went on the stage, and they did. What the hell is it with these Texas shows, that makes people decide to hate us before we even start playing? I am so not used to this. Plus, the band who went on before us was terrible.

So today, I guess I went over the line. I told people we'd be playing for the next 40 minutes, and when a couple of people started hissing in the front row (they're always in the front row) I was going to say "I know there's probably some strong Texan men out there who really feel threatened by a woman on the stage" but instead, I said, "If anyone has a problem with anything about our set, I am going to be over there at the t-shirt booth after we play, and I invite you now, to please come kick my ass, after the show." I knew right away the other guys in the band probably got really mad about that, but I was feeling really vulnerable. To go right on the stage and do what I do and have people booing me before I even start, I feel like I am getting naked in front of someone and they start laughing.

I knew right away I had made a mistake, and later I apologized to the crowd for my outburst, and told them I was having "a bad hair day." I don't know if anyone laughed, they were too far away. We sold plenty of shirts, but Rick's voice died halfway through the set again. Poor thing, I hope his laryngitis goes away soon! I think that's bothering me a lot - his voice (and the fact that we can't really play the best songs because his poor voice is so scratchy).

The Van

Oh- the van is fine - we have decided that if we drive over 75, the drive belt in the van skips and so it skips the alternator, which makes the lights dim. So we drive slow, and we bought an alternative alternator and drive belt, which we'll change when necessary.

October 22, 1995 - Oklahoma City

Rick SPIT at a guy!

Ha! So today on the stage, I thought the whole audience really liked the show, and I didn't say anything bad, but at the end of "Just Like You" (Rick's voice is getting better) I saw Rick walk over to a guy in the front row and SPIT right on him!! Rick said the guy had been limply showing him the "sign of Satan," the Universal Rock Sign, to make it look like he was "really into the band," and had been trying to get Rick's attention. He poked his redneck friend when Rick finally saw him and they both started laughing. So Rick went over and the guy held out his hand to really pretend to "be into it" and that's when Rick spit right at him! Rick said it went right in the guy's hair! I couldn't believe it! Howie also said there was a guy standing right in the front row with his swear finger up for the first 2 songs, but on the third song, the pit started and he jumped right into it.

One of the ads on the wall of the venue displays a nubile blonde woman standing next to a huge beer bottle. She has a crazed look on her face, almost violently happy.

I didn't notice ANY of this audience stuff! All I knew was that when I went on the stage, a bunch of people were fighting over whether or not I was a female and then they finally decided I was, but they were happy about it. But then I heard a guy go, "You better not fucking sing" to me, and I had to smile. My "punk-rockness" is back, and I can handle this kind of crap. Next, a guy said, "What's the chick going to do on the stage, Masturbate?" Later on, a bunch of guys were yelling "Show US YOUR TITS" so I yelled "Show Me Your Dick." They did. I wish the microphone would have been on; there are way too many jokes a person could make in this situation.
In fact, there are a ton of things we could say to an unruly audience but I hate that stuff. We all do. We're not that kind of band, and it's really hard to tell when a person is really being an asshole - there's always a terrible moment when you have to wonder if you've made a mistake.

Have We Made A Mistake?

I'm in a crappy mood now. In a paranoid moment, I had to ask myself if there have been people at every show flipping us off, but I know it's only been these last couple of shows, the ones in the cities where we haven't played before. People are such sheep though, they cannot think for themselves. It's a waste of all of our time if these idiots are just going to hate us because they are trying to prove something, instead of giving us a chance. This reminds me of the guy who saw us years ago open for Public Enemy and later on, at another show, told me, "I saw you guys open for PE and I thought you were the worst band in the world, but then my friend told me you were great, so I came again to see you, and well, he's right." DUH.


Well, we left the Sponge show early today because Spiritualized, a band with a guy from Spacemen 3 was playing across town. We got to see most of the show - definitely a different audience! The show was great; they had a great lightshow, I thought. Pounding, grooving, shooegazing music, and songs written with only 1 chord, the way music should be.


The band who opened for US today was a complete metal band, who were probaby the house band. (The venue was very, very country/metal.) I can't judge them because I don't know that genre. But later, as I was selling t-shirts, a guy came up to me, with a wife-beater haircut (that's really long in the back and short sides) and a Pantera shirt and started in on me, "Wow, You guys were certainly better than that 1st band. Man, you were much more moshable, you know? They just weren't hard enough, you know?" Actually, no one was moving during the first band, I noticed, but I don't think it was because they weren't "hard enough." After a while I realized this guy was really screwing with me, so I finally said, "Yeah, you're right. They kind of sounded like Pantera."

Mike Watt

I am so excited because in two days we'll be playing before Mike Watt. I wonder if he will watch us. I do not think he knows who I am. We opened for him when he was in Firehose, about 7 years ago. I hope I get to meet him.. I guess..

Maybe he'll stand in the front row and flip us off.