Sponge Tour - Part 2

October 1995

  • Oct 03 -- Drive To DeKalb
  • Oct 04 -- Bloomington Indiana
  • Oct 05 -- Carbondale Illinois

October 3, 1995 - DeKalb IL - Freed OJ Day

A lot of DRIVING!

We got our neat-o little itineraries from the Sponge Tour Manager who is VERY, VERY efficient! We each were given a little bound pamphlet with ALL the info; where Sponge is staying each night; whether or not the tour buses leave after the show; when they take their showers after the show, where they eat, how many miles to the shows, and DIRECTIONS TO THE SHOWS! Load in times for NOT only Sponge, but us and the opener, (Big Block), TOO!! Man, is this efficient!! Rick and I lost our booklets about 15 minutes after we were given them, but Jim and Howie still have theirs.

The one thing that we notice is that a lot of the drives are 6-8 hours overnight, and we have to be at the clubs at 3pm each day, which means that we have to go on the Big-Time-Tour Schedule of Driving, which is different from the regular club schedule. In the Club schedule, you play, you sit around for 4 hours, then you make it to the house or motel you stay at around 2 or 3am, and go to bed. Wake up the next morning around noon and drive to the club; get there around 6 for soundcheck. The new schedule is going to have to be, play, load equipment out, drive about 3 or 4 hours, get a motel, sleep, wake up early and drive to the next show. There will not be much rest and free-time involved and everyone is going to have to be alert. The good thing is that everyone is helping out with everything; it's just going to take a few days before we start operating like a well-oiled machine again.

After The Show

You can tell we're near our home-away-from-home, Chicago, where we all grew up. There were a lot of people who knew who we are, and I think people recognized the songs. Good. Much better than Columbus! Ick! I even got to sign some autographs after the show. Imagine being so famous that people actually want your autograph and you don't want to give it to them. Wow.

Chris, the production manager of Sponge Update

Today I had to go up and tell the production manager of Sponge what a cool guy he was. If you remember, yesterday, he made the Sponge roadies move their drums; today he had a long talk with the BOUNCERS, making sure they understood not to hurt anyone, and to treat everyone in the audience with respect. It was so great to hear this from someone in charge.

I am tired.

October 4, 1995 - Bloomington

The Only Thing I Have To Say About The OJ Trial

source: The Chicago Tribune

$96,829.08 - Annual salary that Marcia Clark and Chris Darden each receive

$110,000 - Judge Lance Ito's approximate annual salary

$1,325 - Total amount each juror received for 265 days of sequestration

Rick is really depressed about the racially split reaction to the trial. It seemed strangely quiet in the van yesterday after we heard the verdict. We feel bad that OJ seems to be some people's choice of a symbol to look up to. There ought to be a better choice for them than such an obviously guilty man. And, of course, we are depressed that the corruption in the police force has led to this sort of "justice."

We are circling our home towns, and it feels weird

It's odd to be on tour around your home towns. I feel ill-at-ease, and also kind of bored. I can't really find anything to write about. The strict time-line of this tour forces us to eat fast-food for lunch which sucks, and then drive quickly to the next campus (this is a college tour). The campuses all look the same, and the dressing rooms are all white and college-bathroomy-looking. The best thing is that the shows are all smoke-free- performing in a roomful of oxygen is very different from performing in a smoky club! It's a lot easier to breathe while you're on stage.

October 5, 1995 - Carbondale IL


Southern Illinois is like a completely different planet from Northern Illinois. There are even lakes down here, and the ground, while flat, is not as flat as Middle Illinois.

I'm writing this after the show; it's an exquisite night out here in Southern Illinois; probably about 65 degrees outside, and you can hear leaves rustling off the trees. We sort of have the van windows cracked a little open, partially because of the beautiful night air and partially because the van is sort of filling up with burning oil smoke. There is a leak somewhere that involves taking out the entire engine to repair, and we can't stop to get it fixed. Not until next tour.

Does Sponge Know What's Up For Them Tomorrow?

We received word on our answering machine today that our label rep called last night asking us if we'd like to do an interview on KLZR tomorrow in Lawrence, KS, at 2pm. This is a great thing for us, because we hardly ever get interviews, and this is a big radio station. Last time we were in Lawrence, I think we sort of forced our way into KJHK, the internet-radio station, and they interviewed us. The person who was supposed to interview us skipped out and left someone who obviously was completely unprepared. It made me really uneasy. But this time, both KJHK and KLZR want us, and we are pleased.

The only thing that's going to be hard about this is that we are going to have to leave at 8am tomorrow from our half-way point (the drive from Carbondale today to Lawrence tomorrow is 400 miles) to Lawrence, to get to KLZR at 2pm. Also, the interview goes like this: We interview SPONGE, and then THEY interview US.


This sounds cool to me, but does Sponge know about it?? Have they agreed to it? That's the question! Whatever the answer, we will be waking up extra early to get there. I hope everything works out.

How IS Sponge?

Sponge is so nice to us, and their road crew is wonderful. Everyone respects everyone on this tour. Each night, our soundcheck time is from 4-5pm. One hour is plenty of time for us to check all our instruments! Sponge's soundcheck is from 3-4. They have never gone over their alotted time. Everyone gets their soundcheck each night (providing they show up on time) and there is no screwing around. The Sponge crew is very professional, and they always repeat the rule, like their mantra, "No one is better than anyone else." Pretty cool, huh?

Playing in a Movie Theater

The show tonight in Carbondale was in one of those nice auditoriums that is better suited to watching an orchestra or a play. I have seen bands perform in these rooms, and felt very sorry for them. Today it was our turn, and on stage, I felt sorry for us, too. People bought enough t-shirts after the show to make me believe that they really enjoyed the show, but I couldn't help feeling like an idiot on that stage, with 200 people sitting and watching us in their comfy chairs. And of course, if I feel like an idiot... it makes me act more idiotic.