The Better Than Ezra Tour Part III

September 13, 1995

Washington D.C.

Another extreme pleasure - our friends Joe and Ian from Fugazi, and Tony and Robert & Co. from Evil Genius Records were here to visit us. I got a really weird feeling from the audience tonight; a lot of people with arms crossed, but when I looked straight out in the middle of the audience, I saw a tall Pope Fusty and Evil Genius Records start a moshing pit; and when I jumped off the stage, Ian and Joe from Fugazi were there to greet me; suprising the hell out of me!

The area that the club is in is a total dump, with scary-looking people all around. Off in the distance you can see the Lincoln Monument, too, right over a KFC. Laying in the dirt outside the club, Rick found the front panel of a 80286 computer! I love techno-garbage!

Want to hear more about Fugazi?

I could go on for days about how much I respect this band, and how honored I feel each time I see Ian and Joe at our shows. They make me feel so special by showing up and talking to us, and I know we are NOT the only ones who they do this for; I think they make everyone who comes into contact with them feel special. This is a great gift; I would like to be able to do this one day. Ian sat up in our dressing room and told stories - he has incredible stories about every aspect of the music business -- especially touring -- he has been through so much. He should write a book.

The place we played in D.C. was a huge, scary disco-venue. Ian reiterates the respect issue; he brings to my attention the ways we are being disrespected on this tour, shakes his head at me, and I feel dumb. He wants to know how I can agree to go on tour with a band whom I've never heard the music of. He finds it absurd. He wonders if it's the label's doing, and I assure him it isn't, which makes me feel better, but doesn't seem to make him feel any better. He is correct; in a perfect world, we'd only tour with bands we knew, and loved, and that is the way we've worked it up until now.

But now we don't seem to be getting asked to tour with the bands we love, so it is time for us to meet new bands. Maybe we tour too much. We just want to play in front of people and we can't keep going on our own tours, or people will get sick of us. We have to build a new audience.

Sometimes talking to Ian is really scary, it's like being in the presence of the Pope or something, it really makes you question everything you do.He always seems so perfect, and he always asks you the right questions to make you wonder about your decisions and motives. I know it's good to be thinking about this kind of stuff. I always wonder if he's ever made a mistake. It is too bad that more bands do not or cannot follow the Fugazi way. In the religion of the music industry, Fugazi are prophets, or saints. No-- better: The Buddha.